The Young Living Farm in
Split, Croatia


Near the Young Living farm:
Le Méridien Hotel
Split, Croatia

Croatia is home to a wide variety of aromatic plants including helichrysum. In fact, the Young Living farm is the world’s first cultivated helichrysum in Croatia!

Jared Turner talks about the Young Living Croatia farm: “Helichrysm is traditionally wild-crafted (hand-harvested) in the mountains along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, but years of over-exploitation has led to a decimation of the wild helichrysum harvest.

Young Living is taking its stewardship of aromatic botanicals seriously and is leading the way by bringing this plant into our Seed to Seal cultivation process to protect its sustainable supply future generations.

Croatia, like all the former Yugoslavia republics, was devastated by the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s. It has fully recovered and is flourishing as a new member of the European Union. It is beautiful country full of wonderful people who have used helichrysum, and other aromatic plants, for generations.”

How to get to Split, Croatia

Near the Young Living farm:
Le Méridien Hotel
Split, Croatia

Click to view photos from the Young Living Split, Croatia Farm

Young Living Office | Split, Croatia
Breaking Ground Croatia | Split, Croatia
Planting Young Helichrysm | Split, Croatia
Prepping the field | Split, Croatia
Greenhouse Croatia | Split, Croatia
Young Helichrysm | Split, Croatia
The first young Helichrysm | Split, Croatia
Helichrysm Field Croatia  | Split, Croatia
Helichrysm Field| Split, Croatia
Helichrysm in Bloom | Split, Croatia
Helichrysm Bloom | Split, Croatia
D. Gary Young Checking Distiller | Split, Croatia
Distillation | Split, Croatia
Distilling Helichrysm | Split, Croatia

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