The Young Living Farm in
Highland Flats, Idaho

Balsam Fir, Western Red Cedar, Pine, Idaho Blue Spruce

Young Living's Highland Flats, Idaho Farm

During its 20-year history, Young Living has been committed to the highest quality in essential oil distillation. With the recent setup of a state-of-the-art distillery at their Highland Flats Tree Farm in Naples, Idaho, Young Living has yet again raised the bar of excellence for the essential oil industry.

The Highland Flats distillery is fully automated and uses the most advanced technology available, modernizing the essential oil production process and making it more efficient and effective than ever.

Young Living hosts an annual Winter Harvest and Spring Reforestation project where members are invited to participate and experience the Seed to Seal process firsthand. That’s something we love about Young Living – they don’t just say they do it. They invite ANYONE to come see it first hand. Highland Flats gives back to the earth with sustainable farming practices.

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Spring Planting | Highland Flats Farm, Idaho
Spring Planting | Highland Flats Farm, Idaho
Young Living Balsam Fir Trees | Highland Flats Farm, Idaho
Blue Spruce Trees | Highland Flats Farm, Idaho
The Harvest Team | Highland Flats Farm, Idaho
Tree Harvest | Highland Flats Farm, Idaho
Gary Young Cedar Harvest | Highland Flats Farm, Idaho
The Winter Harvest | Highland Flats Farm, Idaho
2016 Harvest | Highland Flats Farm, Idaho
Woodchips for Distilling | Highland Flats Farm, Idaho
Distilling Wood Chips | Highland Flats Farm, Idaho
Prepping for Distillation | Highland Flats Farm, Idaho

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Highland Flats, Idaho Young Living Farm on the Map

Young Living Highland Flats Farm
5062 Mc Arthur Lake Road
Naples, ID 83847
(208) 267-0800

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