The Young Living Farm in
Mona, Utah

Lavender, Hyssop, Clary Sage, Peppermint, Golden Rod

Young Living Mona Farm
3700 North Highway 91
Mona, UT 84645
(435) 623-8006

If you’re familiar with Young Living Seed to Seal®, you know it means they own many of their farms. In fact, at nearly 1400 acres, the Mona, Utah farm is the largest privately owned essential oil distillery in the world.

The Mona, Utah farm has been serving the local and Young Living communities since 1995. Many different plants are harvested here, both to be distilled into pure essential oils for Young Living customers, and also for botanical research. Many Oily Gurus have personally visited this farm, and it is open to the public for not just visits, but for weddings and other events that are well served by the beautiful grounds.

Young Living Mona Farm
3700 North Highway 91
Mona, UT 84645
(435) 623-8006

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Arial View | Mona Utah Farm
Visitor Center | Mona, Utah Farm
Tour of the Property | Mona UT Young Living Farm
The Village Inn | Mona, UT Lavender Farm
Lavender Seeds | Mona, Utah Farm | Gary Young
Greenhouse at the Mona, Utah Farm
Lavender Fields | Mona Utah Farm
Lavender Field | Young Living Farm | Mona, Utah
Beautiful Lavender Fields | Young Living Farm in Mona, UT
Lavender Fields | Young Living Farm | Mona, Utah
Harvesting Lavender in Mona, Utah
It's Lavender Harvest | Mona, Utah
Essential Oil Distillery | Mona, Utah Farm
Lavender Essential Oil Distillation | Mona, Utah
Distillation Crew | Mona, Utah Farm
Lavender Distillation | Mona, Utah
Lavender Distillation | Mona, Utah
Distillation of Lavender | Mona, Utah Farm
D Gary Young | Mona Utah Farm
Testing Essential Oils in the Lab | Spanish Fork, UT
A view of the Mona, UT Farm
Lavender Day Activities | Mona, UT
Lavender Day Activities | Mona, UT

A Lavender Harvest @ the Mona, UT Farm

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Did you know many Oily Gurus have personally been to the Mona, UT farm? If you’re after more information about Young Living, or anything else essential oils related, connect with a guru today!

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