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Perfectly Grilled Salmon on Cedar;

Perfectly Grilled Salmon on Cedar

Does juicy, smoky grilled salmon sound awesome? Then don't miss this blog post! Kyler has extensive experience grilling salmon using both cedar planks and cedar wood chips. Here he shares all the details you'll need to have your family and friends raving!

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Folate vs Folic Acid. Are You Getting It Right?;

Folate vs Folic Acid. Are You Getting It Right?

Do you take vitamins? Great. Do you trust their quality? Why? I'll give you one way to find out more about your trusted supplements: check the vitamin B (folate) and see if it's the real deal or folic acid. Seeing folic acid? You'd better read this post.

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Altra vs Hoka;

Altra vs Hoka

The way you run, the places you run and the shoes you run in are a big deal. Today I'm discussing two popular running shoes: the Hoka One One Clifton and the Altra Torin. Hoka and Altra are brands typically not found at the local sports center, and they're definitely worth your attention.

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Can You Trust Young Living?;

Can You Trust Young Living?

With rumors about snake oils and scams racing all over the online world in regards to essential oils and Young Living, the question of, "can I trust Young Living?" is an important one. The good news? We have the answer, and not just an answer, but facts to support it.

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The Young Living Farms;

The Young Living Farms

If you knew nothing else about Young Living, the fact that they own and operate their own farms commands respect. Every step of the process is controlled: Seed selection, planting, cultivation, harvest and distillation. No other company offers the Seed to Sealâ„¢ promise.

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