Einkorn Pancakes;

Einkorn Pancakes

What if you could make the-best-tasting-pancakes you've ever had with Einkorn Wheat, no dairy and no refined sugar? Too good to be true? Not any more! Welcome to your new favorite breakfast routine!

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Perfectly Grilled Salmon on Cedar;

Perfectly Grilled Salmon on Cedar

Does moist, smoky salmon off the grill sound good? Here you'll learn how to grill salmon better than any restaurant. You'll quickly be known as the 'King or Queen of the grill.'

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Folate vs Folic Acid. Are You Getting It Right?;

Folate vs Folic Acid. Are You Getting It Right?

Do you take vitamins? Great. Do you trust their quality? Why? I'll give you one way to find out more about your trusted supplements: check the vitamin B (folate) and see if it's the real deal.

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Altra vs Hoka;

Altra vs Hoka

The way you run, the places you run and the shoes you run in are a big deal. Today I'm discussing two popular running shoes: the Hoka One One Clifton and the Altra Torin.

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Can You Trust Young Living?;

Can You Trust Young Living?

With rumors about snake oils and scams racing all over the online world in regards to essential oils and Young Living, the question of, "can I trust Young Living?" is an important one. The good news?

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The Young Living Farms;

The Young Living Farms

We live in a world of mass produced, centrally sourced products. Companies you've never heard of are supplying to many of the brands we trust. Young Living stands apart. It begins with their farms.

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