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Camas, WA

Living life to the FULLEST!! Thriving and not just surviving...with the help of essential oils and ditching the chemicals!

Did you know….that the average person applies 300 chemicals to their body every single day, and 80 of those chemicals before breakfast!  Most are from the soaps, makeup, shampoo and hair care products they use.  The biggest pollutants in our home are fabric softener, dryer sheets, air freshener plug-ins and candles.   I did not realize the severity of what these common household products were doing to me and my family until a few years ago…when I was looking into ways to help me feel better.

As a wife and mom (to 5), I was tired of being sick and tired.  Easily fatigued, crabby, high blood pressure, PMS every month…not really at the ‘top of my game’.  I REALLY wanted to feel better…not just for myself, but my family and friends.  So, I set on a journey to work with a naturopath, cleaned up my eating (not perfect), dumping the chemical-filled personal use products and cleaners, and learning about essential oils.

Essential oils are a better way.   There are over a million uses for essential oils–cleaning supplies, personal care products (like toothpaste and deodorant), in a diffuser, oil-infused nutritional supplements just to name a few.  These oils have been an integral part of my whole family’s health…mental as well as physical.   They are chemical free, steam distilled or cold pressed from pure plants….and Young Living Essential Oils are the best of the best.   Check out their Seed to Seal guarantee:

It is our mission to help  others find a better way to ‘do life’…so they can start feeling better and living life to the fullest!!!

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Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine
Wife, Mom to 5 'Nations', Athlete, Homeschooler, and Health & Wellness Educator
Using oils since March 14, 2014
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