Katie Jenks

Vancouver, WA

Creative Warrior Mama with a Passion for Wellness

What’s the most important thing to a mama? Her own health, or her kids’ health? Most often, her kids come first. And that’s why I stumbled on the hope of essential oils: To help my children get healthy after another sad season of ‘the yuck’ from Fall through early Spring. They made such an impact! After experiencing success, I realized that in order to keep my family healthy, mama needed support, too. It was time to put on my own oxygen mask for my emotional, spiritual, and physical health. It’s what convinced this Warrior Mom that she struck gold by finding Young Living… and why she hasn’t been able to keep this amazing hope hidden away!

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Graphic Design, Branding, Communication, Essential Oils Educator, Maternal Mental Health Advocate
Using oils since March 30, 2014
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