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Confessions of a Wannabe "GREEN" Mama

My daily quest has been about ridding my family’s lives of TOXINS. They’re everywhere and it can be intimidating. I’ve read the books and tried various approaches. My approach TODAY is….ONE thing at a time. Start with ONE change. And that one thing, that one small change, has been introducing our bodies and home to Young Living Essential Oils. I am passionate about educating other moms how to safely use oils with their family and ESPECIALLY babies and getting toxins OUT of the home.

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At first, I was skeptical of how "on fire" my wife was about oils. But, then, I saw how much stronger the kids' immune systems were getting. Now, I have my own oils I keep in my work bag for immune support.

— Tony

I recently needed a boost in my immune system. So, I added Thieves Vitality to my warm water. It was better than any remedy I've ever tried.

— Kim
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Domestic Engineer, Oily Mama to 6, & Tennis Mom
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WHY did I become OILY? Because a good friend literally PUT them in my hand and told me how Young Living Oils transformed her life, her family, her health, and her perspective! I believe the best way to experience the power of Essential Oils is to TRY THEM! You’ve got nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain. Young Living has changed MY life, and they WILL change yours too! My only regret is not knowing about them sooner. Looking forward to chatting with YOU!

Supermom - Essential Oils & Kids

How this mama to 6 doesn't lose her marbles

The Magic Elixir

Posted by Becky
June 6, 2016

Wanna know how this mama of 6 stays sane and doesn’t lose her marbles? NINGXIA RED. Seriously, this stuff is the game changer of ALL game changers. If I could get it in an IV form, I would. Ningxia Red gives you stamina, focus, endurance and it increases your overall mood. Oh, and did I mention it boosts your immune system!? My challenge to you is, try Ningxia for 40 days….you WILL feel the power of red.

Becky is a Portland essential oils distributor. Use the contact form to get in touch with Becky.


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