Stephanie Hetherton

Melbourne, FL

Wife. Mom. Musician. Oiler. Educator. Friend.

Instilling confidence in moms. That’s my goal.

We have gut feelings for a reason and using Young Living Essential Oils can remind us why we have those intuitions. The way these oils get to the heart of the matter and not just mask symptoms is quite liberating.

One area I’m fascinated with is how our emotions (especially undealt with) can bring so many physical and mental symptoms. When we get to the root of the issue, we can grow and move on. YLEO’s helps us do just that. Not in any kind of scary or creepy ways, but in gentle sorting of our thoughts so that we can release that which keeps us in bondage and experience freedom that way we were designed to.

A helpful tool for this is an iTOVi scanner, which measures your body’s bio markers to help determine which oils or products might be right for your body’s support. I am happy to provide such a scan, along with info on the oils/products highlighted in the scan so that you can begin to balance those areas out. There is a small fee for the scan to help cover the cost of the device. I can’t tell you how many times the scanner results revealed an issue to us, as parents, that we didn’t even know our children were battling. Then we talk about it and the release is beautiful.

These oils give me, as a mom, so much peace of mind, knowing that I have what I need in my oily toolbox to handle almost any need that arises while raising active children. I don’t have to drive to the store in a panic to try and find what I need. It’s already on hand. And the FACEBOOK GROUPS!! SO MUCH SUPPORT there! Come join us!

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