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Doctor’s offices, just getting to the weekend, OTC meds,  junk food and a fast paced life used to be the norm. Then everything changed! We were introduced to Young Living Essential Oils ~ and our life has never been the same!

We’ve completely changed our lifestyle – ditching every single chemical in our house and replacing it with safe and effective alternatives, decreasing our doctor’s office visits to basically NEVER(!!!)eating cleaner and learning to love simple living on our little homestead. Life is better now and I am sooo grateful I said “YES” to a new lease on life.

With my medical background and love for teaching, I am able to greatly support anyone who has a passion for prevention, wellness and health education. We are finding freedom in every way – wellness, spiritual and financial. We’d love to welcome you to join our fast growing team!

You’ll love this new definition of wellness!

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Thank you for offering an opportunity to try out some of the oils! I was definitely a skeptic, but now in a believer! I wanted to try this for my daughter. She has terrible seasonal discomfort and nothing we try gives her long term relief. We applied the oils daily to her symptoms completely resolved. Finally!! The relief she needed!!

— Sommer

Just to let you know, I feel much better. I did what you said and I can breathe! I am going to diffuse a little at bedtime. I am going to love Young Living. Thanks, Shannon!

— Debbie
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Registered Nurse, Community and Public Health Nursing, Organic & Non-GMO Gardener, Chicken Mama, Pianist, Homeschool Mama, Pastor's Wife
Using oils since October 14, 2014
Louisville, KY essential oils
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Diffuser Tips, Tricks and Recipes

Posted by Shannon
April 27, 2016

One of my favorite ways to use my Young Living essential oils is in my diffuser! We have completely replaced the need for candles or plug-ins of any kind in our house. Instead we use therapeutic grade oils to permeate our rooms, fill our senses and support our family’s wellness!

Because so many of you enjoy your diffusers, I thought I’d share an online presentation my team and I put together as a means to provide continued education about the different kinds of diffusers out there, how they work and some fun recipes we enjoy.

The Various Young Living Diffusers

Home and Dewdrop Diffusers

Here’s a great tutorial video by Natalie and Kendal Shelton that demonstrates how to use both of these diffusers. They’ll also give you a few helpful tips!

Home and Dewdrop Diffuser Demonstration

Rainstone Diffuser

This amazing diffuser is now available to include with the Premium Starter Kit!

Aria Diffuser

Bring the spa to your home!

AromaLux Diffuser

Here’s a video describing this amazing diffuser. WOW!

AromaLux Diffuser

Bamboo Diffuser

Young Living Mini Diffusers

There’s never a reason to be somewhere without a diffuser!

Comparisons of Young Living Diffusers


These fliers can be found in the “Member Resources” section of your Young Living Virtual Office (for current members). There you can print it out and use as a reference or to share with others.

Here’s a link to see all the diffuser accessories that Young Living offers!

YL Diffuser Accessories

It’s an amazing deal that diffusers are included in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit!

As you can see, we have access to so many awesome tools to use with our essential oils.

The Science of Diffusing

“Inhaling essential oils directly influences the control center of the brain, the hypothalamus. This area sends instructions through our body concerning sleep patterns, mood, behavior, appetite and the release of certain hormones.” ~ The Baby Steps Team Guide

Check out Post #2 with cleaning tips and recipes. Share in the comments your favorite diffuser so far!

Easiest Way to Start Your Chemical Free Lifestyle

Posted by Shannon
May 10, 2019

Check out this short video for some great tips on how to transition to the chemical free lifestyle.

youtube id=”2IYr2yC2gbo”



I Have My Starter Kit - Now What?

Posted by Shannon
April 27, 2016

It is an exciting day when your Young Living Premium Starter Kit arrives in the mail!!! Quickly, the excitement and anticipation turns into a million questions and a feeling of being completely overwhelmed as you wonder how you are supposed to use these oils to make a difference in your family. Don’t worry – we have all felt this way, and I promise you will eventually be a pro at using the oils. In fact, you will find yourself listening to other people complain of various aches and illnesses and you will think, “I’ve got an oil for that!”

I wanted to put a post together that gives you some simple instructions for getting started with your kit.

Remember: Start LOW and SLOW!!!

Here are 2 links that will remind you what each oil can be used for:

Our Essential Oil Story (with uses for the PSK)

So Now What?

Please remember that you have incredible resources at your finger-tips. You can ask or search for any question in the secret Facebook groups to which you have been added. You can also text or call me anytime with questions and we will figure out the answer together!

Diffuse & Inhale

This is one of my favorite ways to use the oils. Your diffuser will cover a 250-350 square foot area with pleasing and therapeutic aromas. My kids love having the diffuser on and often ask for it in their room at night. I will be purchasing more diffusers in the near future; the one we have travels quite a bit from room to room!

  • Fill the diffuser to the fill line with water, then add 4-6 drops of oils.

  • Feel free to mix oils! One of my favorites for a “happy day” is Joy + Peppermint. The possibilities are endless and you can find an abundance of recipes on Pinterest or Google.

  • When we are faced with immune system attacks, I diffuse Thieves with either Lemon or Purification.

  • For digestive support, we diffuse Peppermint.

  • For relaxation time, we diffuse Lavender.

  • When I’m cleaning and want a “clean-house” smell, I diffuse Lemon or Purification (or both!).

  • If you don’t have your diffuser handy, you can put 1 drop of your oil of choice on your hands, rub them together and inhale.


Some oils can be ingested, though I recommend that you research this more before you try various oils. Here are the ones we have ingested:

  • We put 1-2 drops of Lemon in our water daily. This helps support our immune system in a powerful way! It is delicious – and for many, this tip has helped them kick the soda habit! Be sure to use only a glass or stainless steel container – not plastic – when you are drinking an oil.

  • For respiratory support, we mix 1-2 drops each of Lemon and Thieves and put it in a mug with hot water and honey. This recipe is referred to as “Thieves Tea” and is so soothing and immune-supporting.

  • For digestive needs, I put 1 drop of Peppermint on my thumb and press my thumb to the roof of my mouth for 10 seconds. This quick-absorption brings almost immediate relief. I also like to add Peppermint and DiGize in a capsule and swallow.

  • When faced with seasonal issues, ingest a drop of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint – either with water in a shot glass or in a capsule.

  • To ward off the bad germs, I put 1 drop of Thieves on my thumb and press my thumb to the roof of my mouth for 10 seconds. Repeat as needed


I love applying the oils directly to my skin! Do not be afraid to use the oils topically – this is a very effective means of experiencing the benefit the oils can bring. Sometimes you’ll need to apply an oil repeatedly to experience relief.

Don’t knock it until you try it! — Applying oils directly to the feet is so effective! The chart above shows the areas of the feet that correspond to various body systems. My kids are used to hearing me say, “Don’t put your socks on yet, we have oils to apply!”

  • We apply Thieves and Lemon almost daily to keep their immune systems strong.

  • Peppermint or DiGize to the “stomach” area…

  • Valor and Peace and Calming applied to the Big Toe help with some nervous system responses.

Other topical uses:

  • I apply a drop of Stress Away to my wrists daily (sometimes multiple times a day!).

  • Don’t hesitate to apply PanAway for a massage.

  • Peppermint can also help the nervous system or respiratory system when applied to the temples.

  • Oils like Frankincense are effective for skin health.

  • If you get any type of burn, immediately apply Lavender to the site.

Neat vs. Diluted

  • In the oil world, the word “neat” means to apply directly without adding a “carrier oil” such as coconut or olive oil. Most oils can be applied directly to the skin without an oil.

  • Some oils are best diluted. For younger kids, it is recommended to dilute most oils when applying them.

  • Actually, diluting the oil does not decrease the effectiveness of the oil AND it increases the life-time of the oil so you don’t run out of it as quickly!

  • You can mix an oil or recipe of oils in olive oil or coconut oil and then rub on the skin. We do this most often with Peppermint, a “hot” oil.

I hope these tips have been helpful as you jump in and start using your oils. If you’re not seeing improvement of symptoms, then you’re not using the oils enough or in the right way. Keep trying and asking questions until you find what works for you! We are here to help and are excited to hear the stories of how your family will benefit and be blessed by Essential Oils.

Feel free to comment with other ways you have used the PSK oils. If you’ve read this and would like to order this for your family, click here for more information.

Our Essential Oils Journey

Posted by Shannon
April 27, 2016

Several of you have asked for more information about the Essential Oils my family is using. Here is my attempt to answer your common questions and give you insight into how Essential Oils have greatly benefited my family.

Our Story

Our health insurance situation changed in the fall of 2014. One of the outcomes of this change was I suddenly felt more responsible to keep my family healthy! (What a concept, right?!?!) I had a friend who had posted on social media about her experience with Essential Oils, so I asked her to come and teach me. I did some research on my own, looked into the company, heard her testimony and decided to make the investment and try them out.

There’s something very peaceful and exciting about using God-made tools to supplement our health. God made the plants and oils that come from them, and His ways are perfect! We definitely believe in many advantages of modern medicine, but we do not want to be unbalanced and totally dependent on something that’s been around for 100 years – when Essential Oils have been around since Bible times! Did you know that oils are referenced over 600 times in the Bible?

To be honest, the more I learn about the chemistry and efficacy of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, the more I am absolutely fascinated. Of course a Supreme Creator God would design a tool for our healing and wellness that is amazing and exceeds our limited understanding! I believe that God intends for us to live a life of fullness and abundance on this earth. (John 10:10) Oils, along with proper nutrition, adequate sleep and activity, healthy relationships, Sabbath time and a vibrant spiritual life, together help us experience that intended abundant life.

We consistently use 5-10 different oils a day (sometimes more!) and now they are our immediate go-to for initial treatment. Our use of over-the-counter medicines has decreased drastically, and I know we have made a significant investment in our overall, long-term health. We have experienced drastic improvement in our immune system response, better digestive support and strong emotional support. We get so excited recounting all the ways they have blessed our family!

What Are They?

Essential Oils are derived from plant products, and they work at the cellular level in our bodies to bring about therapeutic change and benefits. They are non-toxic, have no significant side effects, are safe and can benefit everyone!

I researched several companies and ultimately chose to purchase oils from Young Living. Their company impressed me with their integrity, longevity, and commitment to quality oils. I also love that they oversee every single aspect of the oil process from Seed to Seal. They don’t “farm out” parts of the process; it is all under the management of their company. They grow the plants in a non-toxic environment and their quality is un-matched. (Love their customer service too!)

The Starter Kit Oils

Here are some basic benefits we have experienced with each of the oils in the Premium Starter Kit. I’ll list the benefits in a bullet point format – though sometime I’d love to tell you the STORY behind how each one worked for us! Young living has over 450 products, and someday I hope to own them all!! But the PSK is the best deal for starting out. It contains 11 bottles of oils, various other samples and a home diffuser.


  • Called the “Swiss Army Knife of Oils” because of so many uses – over 800!!!
  • Very adaptable for the body’s needs
  • Gentle to use on babies and little ones
  • Powerful skin support; I use it in my facial mixture daily.
  • Incredibly relaxing and comforting in the diffuser!
  • Makes linens smell awesome!


  • Powerful in supporting our immune system and helping to fight germs
  • Numbing properties for sore gums or throats
  • Soothing for the respiratory system when used as a tea
  • We use Thieves cleaner instead of all other toxic, chemical-laden cleaners.
  • We will not EVER be without this one!! Great for winter wellness.


  • Great icy hot feel on sore muscles in my shoulders and neck.
  • Contains wintergreen, which is often used for massage.
  • Stimulating aroma


  • This is the 1st oil I ran out of – I use it all of the time!
  • So cleansing and refreshing. Love to diffuse and make the house smell fresh.
  • Put in steam mop or dusting rags as I clean. It took up stains on the couch that nothing else could touch!
  • We all put a drop of lemon in our water at least once a day to build our immunity.
  • We apply it with Thieves to the feet to keep us well.
  • It takes 75 lemons to make 1 bottle of lemon essential oil – very concentrated and powerful.

Stress Away

  • Need I say more???? WOW!
  • I apply this daily to my wrists (some days require multiple applications!). LOVE. THIS. ONE.


  • Our go-to for anything related to the digestive system!
  • This stays in my purse at all times.
  • Supports the nervous, respiratory and digestive systems.
  • Delicious in coffee, hot chocolate and baked goods.
  • Energizing and uplifting. I add it as a combo with many other essential oils in my diffuser.
  • 1 drop is the equivalent of 25-28 cups of peppermint tea. Potent!


  • Add to skin products to moisturize and improve the appearance of skin.
  • Love to diffuse this to cleanse the air of odors and germs.
  • Use it in the steam mop or when cleaning – smells amazing and cleans wonderfully!


  • We add this to thieves and lemon to strengthen the immune system.
  • Very calming!
  • My skin loves it!
  • Known as a holy anointing oil, used for thousands of years. I’ve started diffusing or applying Frankincense during my daily devotions.


  • Use to support more intense digestive needs.
  • Contains fennel that dates back to ancient Egyptians.
  • Makes your belly happy! – safe to use on little ones with unhappy bellies.


  • Think Vicks!
  • Contains eucalyptus
  • Respiratory support when diffused

Ninxgia Red

  • This is an immune-building wellness drink made primarily from the wolfberry plant and essential oils.
  • Powerful anti-oxidant and full of highly-absorbable nutrition.
  • I’ve noticed more sustained energy; I’m able to stay up a little bit longer than the kids now!!
  • The starter kit comes with 2 sample packets of this. Put it in the fridge and drink cold. Delicious and so supportive to overall health and wellbeing.

We also love: Cedarwood (out like a light!), Peace and Calming (even calms the dog down!), Orange (delish!), Vetiver (neurological support), Ylang Ylang (HAPPY!), and Oregano (immune support).

Now What?

If you are interested in trying the oils (I guarantee you will see multiple benefits if you are using them often!), then I strongly recommend you start out with the Premium Starter Kit.

Benefits of the PSK are:

  • You get 11 bottles of oils, sample packets of Ninxgia Red, samples of oils to put in your purse or give to others, a Home or Dewdrop Diffuser, and lots of written information – over a $300 value.
  • It allows you to make future purchases of oils at the Wholesale vs. Retail rate – a 24% savings.
  • It sets you up to receive commissions if you share the oils with others- though there is zero obligation to sell or share anything with anyone.

To order the Premium Starter Kit, go here.

First -a couple of notes!!

  • Be sure to choose “Wholesale Member” to get the best pricing!
  • Include this number as your Sponsor and Enroller ID: 2136986 (*if another friend introduced you to YL Oils, please ask them for and use their Sponsor and Enroller ID.)
  • Choose the “Premium Starter Kit” and the diffuser of your choice.
  • Essential Rewards is a great option if you think you’ll want to purchase oils regularly. If you just want to order the PSK for now, click “No, thank you” under Optional Step 3.

Once you order, I will add you to some phenomenal Facebook groups where you will learn all about how to use the oils on a daily basis. This resource is amazing and something I rely on daily! I will also make myself available to help teach you personally how to make the most use of your oils. We can get together over coffee or hold a class in your home.

I hope this has been helpful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can do anything to help you on your oily journey to better health!



Shannon is a Louisville essential oils distributor. Use the contact form to get in touch with Shannon.


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