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Hi, I’m Shaila! I am a Northern California transplant making her way in Texas. I am wife to Alvin and mom to Grace and Trentin. We are a family of runners, swimmers, and cyclists pushing our bodies to perform at high levels. Young Living oils and supplements are amazing tools that help to increase our energy, fuel our fitness, speed our recovery, and support our overall physical and emotional wellness.

Eating clean and reducing toxins in our bodies and home is a huge priority for me as a wife and mom. I have spent countless hours and dollars on products through the years to this end. Discovering Young Living oils, supplements, body care and cleaning supplies has made this journey so much easier and cheaper! These are no-brainer replacements to the toxin-filled products that line our grocery store shelves. Having all of these amazing products in one place has been a huge time and money saver for me.

I love these products. I know they work. I believe everyone needs them. Everyone! I am certain that our longterm health outcomes – and more importantly, those of our children – depend on keeping the crappola out of our bodies. Making the switch in not hard to do, especially with friends to help you along the way.

Let me help you begin your Young Living journey today. Shoot me a message. Let’s talk. Let’s get you started!






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Ready to talk about removing the toxins from your home? Ready to live a more chemical-free life by ditching and switching your conventional personal care and home cleaning products? Do you want to give your kiddos a leg up on improving their longterm health outcomes? Maybe you are ready to up your fitness game with all natural tools for strength energy and recovery? Reach out and I will help you get started on your path to meeting these goals.

Clean Living made Easy

How to easily reduce your daily exposure to harsh chemicals

Cleaning up your life doesn't have to be hard!

Posted by Shaila
November 6, 2018


Month 1: Remove candles, plug-ins and other synthetic fragrances; Replace with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils

The only oils I use and recommend

Month 2: Replace household cleaners with a plant-based,  harsh chemical-free alternative

Theives products are an amazing clean and theraputic option

The Thieves Household Cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner that can replace all the cleaners in your home.

Month 3: Replace your laundry detergent and swap dryer sheets with wool dryer balls

Thieves Luandry Soap is a great option  A little goes a long way…there are tips for getting a couple bottles of detergent from one bottle!!

I get my wool dryer balls off of Amazon


Month 1: Switch to a natural deodorant or do an armpit detox and don’t wear any. Think it can’t be done? This girl made it through a Texas summer and LOTS of workouts without deodorant.

Got my detox recipe from Wellness Mama – one of my go to bloggers for all things natural

Month 2: Dump make-up containing: Lead, Talc, Bismuth, Petrochemicals, etc.

So grateful to find this safe, clean make-up for me and my teenage daugther

Month 3: Replace bath and shower gels containing: Pragrance, Parabens, Phthalates, etc.

Download Think Dirty or EWG Healthy Living App and scan your beauty & hygiene products; If they aren’t green replace them with a clean alternative. And yep, Young Living has many great options, including a shower gel base that you can customize with your fave essential oils!!!


Month 1: Begin making healthier purchases and meal choices. Choose organic when you can – Use the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen to select your produce

Dirty Dozen 

Clean Fifteen

Month 2: Daily dose of Ningxia Red for a antioxidant support = energy & overall immune support

A daily dose of Ningixa Red has been a game-changer for energy and immunity in our home

Month 3: Add another supplement based upon your specific needs/goals – MultiGreens, Super Cal, AgilEase, etc.


Shaila is a College Station essential oils distributor. Use the contact form to get in touch with Shaila.


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