Melissa Brabec

Vancouver , WA

I am a mother, wife and survivor of acute heart failure.....

I have been on necessary prescription drugs for 14 years to maintain heart function and I am limited on what I can use in and on my body for pain relief as to not contradict with my medicine. I have found that many Young Living essential oils support my nervous system, muscular system and digestive system and do not react with my other medication. In addition, I enjoy using essential oils in my daily routine to maintain a healthy immune system, as well as to keep my skin feeling fabulous and youthful.

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My emotions are so much more balanced when I apply essential oils directly over my liver and heart daily. So much so that I was able to discontinue using a pharmaceutical. One of my favorites is Joy.

— Melissa

Sleeping restfully has been a breeze with lavender essential oil.

— Sharon

Unsightly blemishes don't have a chance with Tea Tree.

— Kyle

Green Cleaning doesn't have to have the lingering scent of vinegar. Thieves cleaner is the bomb! The sweet and spicy sent of cinnamon and cloves refreshes the air and I know I have knocked out nasty germs in the process.

— Melissa

I won't go a day without Ningxia Red. It keeps me on the move, even when I have been "glutenated"! Ningxia Red is a wonder for digestive support!

— Monica

My son can focus! Even his teacher has noticed!

— Joylyn
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Registered Dental Hygienist; R.D.H
Dental Hygienist, Homemaker, Small group leader, Business owner
Using oils since November 14, 2014
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