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I’m a mom and I’m passionate about my family’s health. Whether it’s healthy nutrition, decreasing our toxin exposure, or keeping active and fit, I work hard to research and do what is best for my family’s health. Fitness and nutrition have always been top priorities, but in Spring 2014 I began to struggle with all this. Something was missing. Enter Young Living Essential Oils and our family is thriving more than ever! I rely on the impeccable quality and versatility of Young Living to support my family’s physical and emotional wellness daily. If you’re teetering on the fence of beginning your oily journey, take the leap! Freedom and extraordinary living await you!

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Essential oils have unlocked the door to an extraordinarily happy, healthy life for my family. It is my goal to help each of you use these tools to cultivate an environment of health and wellness in your homes! Curious about essential oils or maximizing your family's wellness? Shoot me a message using the form below and I'll be in touch.

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You get what you give....

Posted by Kelly
October 21, 2016

“You get what you give.”

A common saying for many things in life, and especially true of health. If you feed your body processed, poor quality foods, devoid of nutrients, then you can expect to feel bad. Fuel your body with whole, nutrient-filled foods and you will feel energized.

We have been on a journey for a year or more of making a swap. Eating more whole and organic foods. Supplementing with QUALITY vitamins our bodies can absorb and supporting our system with essential oils and natural products.

Make the swap…..get rid of the junk and fill up with the good. These are choices you won’t regret making. But if you don’t make these changes, a day will come when you will wish you had.

Find out more on making the swap by contacting me here.

Clear Out 2016....

Posted by Kelly
November 4, 2016

Many days I have friends share with the me how they feel stuck or are just surviving life. I don’t believe we were made to survive, but to thrive!!! You have such a beautiful purpose to enrich the world around you!!!

So, I invite you to join me this November to Clear Out!!!

Say what???

Clear Out….

Maybe you would like to Clear Out some emotional junk from a challenging relationship so that you can better enjoy your holidays with that person.

Maybe you would like to Clear Out some debt and set a budget to give more generously.

Maybe you would like to Clear Out some toxins from your body to say Adios to a few pounds!

Maybe you would like to Clear Out some clutter (aka stuff) to better enjoy what brings you joy!

Maybe you would like to Clear Out your calendar….no more over commitment!

We are going to have fun learning simple ways to be healthier during the holiday season in all aspects of life! To better embrace the beautiful gift of us and simply share that in a life giving way with the world around us!

Be inspired! Grow!! Speak life!!! Who’s ready for this FUN adventure???

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