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Soccer mom who appreciates common sense, research, and a good margarita.

Our wellness journey has taken a number of seemingly unrelated twists and turns over the years, so when I first heard of using essential oils to support the body beyond aromatherapy massage, my curiosity was peaked! Being ever curious about the sciences and the natural world I love so much, I had to dig in and find out more! What I discovered positively thrilled me.  I got the results I was looking for. We are never going back!

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Soccer mom who appreciates common sense, research, and a good margarita.
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Do margaritas and essential oils really have anything in common? Well in my world, they do ...

My husband says I'm the best bug repellant he's ever had. He never gets bit. I get eaten alive.

Posted by Kelli
April 20, 2016

Or at least I used to.

So what happened? Lemongrass. That’s what happened.

I’d read online about how mosquitos don’t like Lemongrass. And being that I’ve tried every trick under the sun – Yes, even Avon’s Skin So Soft and Bounce dryer sheets sticking out of my pockets – I thought, well hey, what’s one more failed attempt? Except this time, it worked. And I tested it at the most buggy place I could think of.

A wetland marsh. In the dead of summer. At dusk.

We took the kids for an evening Bat Walk lecture. It was so cool! We saw bats. We nearly peed ourselves when a Blue Heron flew right overhead, screeching (that is one freaky sound right there). And the mosquitos were undeniably present (the bats ate well that night). I dabbed Lemongrass on our wrists, behind our ears, necks, hairlines, forearms, I even dabbed some on our pant legs. And then I put the little bottle of goodness in my pocket and reapplied as we went along. Two hours later we were back at our car, unharmed.

And now, it’s spring again. Spring rains and warmer weather bring bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. The kind whose pregnant females like to feed on your blood for their ever-maturing eggs. So yeah, we’re planning to add Lemongrass plants to our backyard landscaping this summer. It really is that amazing.

But you’ll find me wearing Lemongrass on my person. Because I don’t take chances with blood-sucking carnivorous insects.

Jaw locked. Can't eat Valentine's Day candy. Margarita? Uh - YES! (Do you really even have to ask? Don't you know me at all??)

Posted by Kelli
April 3, 2016

So the Friday before Valentine’s Day I started working on our taxes and was just … A little stressed. My jaw started stiffening (no doubt from all that clenching) and by Sunday it was completely locked up. It was so bad I could barely open my mouth. Chewing was darn near impossible. I missed out on steak and the Almond Rocha Mike bought me. I could however, pry my jaws open just wide enough for a straw. So Mike took me out for margaritas instead. Excellent consolation gift in my book.

But that wasn’t going to help my left hinge. So I dropped by a friend’s house and borrowed her Aroma Siez.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Not even 15 minutes after application my jaw literally popped free and I was able to slide it side-to-side. No more discomfort radiating up through my skull and down to my collarbone. It was stiff and sore for the next few days, but I continued to massage it with a couple drops of Aroma Siez and by the end of the week, my Almond Rocha was completely devoured.

So. Today is April 3rd, which means Tax Day is upon us. You need this. Your friends and family need this.

Friends don’t let friends do taxes while stressed. Unless you really want a margarita. But margaritas are great anytime.  (Call me)

Not feeling so hot? Cool down with Peppermint. (Fringe Benefit: Spiders hate it)

Posted by Kelli
January 18, 2016

One day our normally active daughter woke up lethargic. At lunch she picked at her food and then fell asleep right there at the dining table.

I kissed her forehead and noticed she felt warmer than usual. After scanning her and noting both the time and her temp, I decided to try Peppermint oil.

Because Peppermint can feel hot to sensitive skin, I diluted it with coconut oil and sprayed liberally on the back of her neck, spine, and soles of her feet.

Within minutes her temp was nearly normal. I noted this and continued to monitor her closely throughout the evening.

When she woke up the following morning, she was back to her happy little self. And she smelled like a candy cane. What could be sweeter?

A happy girl AND a spider-free home. That’s what’s sweeter.

Well, turns out spiders (and other creepy crawlies) hate, H-A-T-E Peppermint.

Yeah. So we like Peppermint. A lot. We use it liberally around this house.

Humans – 2
Arachnids – 0

Accident prone mom. Kids with growing pains. Husband (quickly) approaching 40 ...

Posted by Kelli
December 11, 2015

None of us are getting any younger. And the young ones are growing particularly fast these days. I swear our daughter has grown at least three inches in the last 3 months. Ok, maybe not that fast, but our son’s not too far behind. In fact, he seems to think he needs to catch up despite their age difference.

So with my husband reminding me (weekly) that we aren’t 20 anymore, and with the kids waking up at night holding their shins and knees, and with my propensity to trip and reinjure a foot … What’s a girl to do?

Apply PanAway. Liberally. That’s what I do.

Kids fall back to sleep. Husband relaxes and straightens his back. I vow to wear an ankle brace when I go running (and never do).  Everything about this blend is wonderful. This is one that definitively belongs in your bathroom cabinet.

Ours is almost gone.  Quiz time.  This fact means:

A.  We are either growing, aging, or are complete and utter klutzes.

B.  We use PanAway liberally.  As in, we actually use it.  We don’t just look at it, sitting all pretty on a shelf.  We put it on.  On our bodies.

C.  All of the above.

Hint:  If you actually read the above blog in its entirety, you would pick option C.

We put Purification to the test. It was found worthy.

Posted by Kelli
November 16, 2015

Test #1: Flooded Basement

Our basement has turned into a muddy swimming hole nearly 2′ deep not once, but twice so far this winter. After cleaning and drying out the basement, we diffused Purification and we have experienced no moldy, mildewy, or musty smells whatsoever.

Test #2: Stinky Car

The guys my husband works with all smoke. So one day he asked if Young Living had a portable diffuser he could try out in the truck at work. “Why yes, yes we do.” I got him a USB Diffuser that plugs right into our USB phone charger for the car. He took it to work and used it in the company truck for a week. Worked beautifully! Could easily be nicknamed smoke-be-gone.

Also works for getting rid of that all-too-familiar rancid smoothie odor produced by kids prone to losing it on a curvy road.

Why??? Purification actually encapsulates odor-emitting particles and destroys them. Actually cleans the air. Doesn’t just mask it like those chemicals-in-a-can you get at the store.

Test #3: Head Tension Help

This one’s a little different. I’d read you could try Purification around your hairline/temples/back of neck when experiencing discomfort. Within minutes I felt great. Now when I feel one coming on, Purification is my go-to help.  Because I like to see straight and not have to hide in a dark room.

Although, I’ll be honest.  Sometimes I play hide and go seek with the kids.  Where they hide.  And so do I.  In a dark room.  Mainly my bedroom.  They don’t really seem to appreciate my finding skills.  Or my need for a nap.  We’re working on that.

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