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Sometimes it’s overwhelming.  I know.  What’s safe?  What really matters?  Is my health really in danger?  I’ve been there!  For years I knew some things in my life needed to change, but I had no idea which ones or how to do it or what to even switch to, if it needed to be changed in the first place.  It was a loop of questions without answers.

And, – have you been here? – I was getting paranoid about getting sick!  Even a cold meant I couldn’t work photographing a newborn baby.  Plus it’s just annoying to lose a week of your life to being miserable, agreed?  And what is the deal with so many people getting summer colds too?  It’s a year round problem!

Enter Young Living in 2015.  I had no idea what it really was, but I was intrigued enough to try a starter kit.  I had been procrastinating “doing some research” so figured I just get my kit and learn as I went!  Turned out that was a much better idea anyway.  It’s so much easier to use the oils and figure out what they do when you have them in hand!

Those little bottles started a journey of empowerment.  That’s what we are looking for, right?  A way to take back control of our homes and our health on our terms.  I now had tools so I could support my health in a natural way.  And I’ve stayed well! That’s been so life-changing!  For anyone dreading the winter season, or any season, it can be different!

And I had no idea what a mess my hormones were or what I was needlessly putting up with.  Just wow.  So wish I’d known this 20 years ago!  Life can be very very different in a very very good way in this area too!  That gave me back days each month of feeling good too.

Time, it’s a bit hard to get extra time, we all get the same amount, so I’ve been told.  But feeling good = the gift of more time!  Who wants more time??

I’m a skeptic turned believer when it comes to these oil powered products.  I’d love to share what I’ve learned on my journey with you, so you too can be empowered to take charge of your health, and gift yourself more time!  Would you like that?
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Happy Hormones - what is NORMAL, anyway?

Posted by Jan
September 30, 2019

So what are normal hormones?  They ebb and flow, but they don’t make us so grouchy we can’t live with ourselves.  They don’t makes us bloated and achey.  They don’t make us crampy and sore.  They don’t make us schedule our lives around a few days a month.  They aren’t something to be dreaded and hated.  That’s all NOT normal.
Say what?
Yep, that stuff is all NOT normal.
And I had no idea either!
Happy healthy balanced hormones do their thing but they don’t rule our lives.  Who knew?
I so wish someone had told me this decades ago!

So what’s the deal?  Want to know what I’ve learned?
Our environment is the primary cause of hormone disruptions.  Plastics, personal care products (heard of parabens? they and dozens of chemicals are bad news for hormones), cleaners, and fragrance are just a few places these hormone disrupting chemicals hide.  Many of these chemicals act as fake estrogen and get our nicely balanced hormones all out of whack.   You can do a little research if you want to know more, but the list of what to avoid is long, let me warn you!

So how to keep this simple?  I like simple, don’t you?
1. Change your laundry detergent to something like Thieves Laundry Soap.  It will keep all those chemicals you want to avoid off your skin 24/7.  I couldn’t believe this alone changed my hormones the first month!
2. Add in Progessence Plus, a natural wild yam plus essential oils progesterone serum.  It balances out all the excess estrogen we are exposed to daily.  Plus it’s the happy protective hormone, always need some more of that!
3. Choose a personal care or home care product each month to “ditch and switch”.  Before you know it you’ll have a house full of clean, green products that are good for you and work great.  And your hormones will thank you!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor your doctor.  Always work with your doctor on diagnosing and treating any medical conditions.

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