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I, like a majority of males, was introduced to Young Living by my wife sabotaging me with oils randomly throughout the day.  At first I was mildly entertained, though somewhat annoyed, but the power of female persuasion soon started wearing on me.  I was learning that this was more than a short term obsession. Oils were here to stay.  I needed to learn more about these “essential oils”.

As my research started, I soon became aware that essential oils were more than smelly vials. They were full of potential freedom.  Very seldom does an opportunity come along where the ideas of emotional, spiritual, physical and financial freedom are all found in one unique and well positioned company.  The more I learned the more excited I became.

Come join our journey as we experience and grow together through this incredible company called “Young Living”!

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3 Hacks To Being in The Present

Posted by Derek
August 22, 2016

It’s 6:00 at night and I am heading home from a crazy day at work.  I’ve spent almost the entire day working with people trying to fix their problems.  It’s the end of the day but my brain is still in office mode.  I pull in the driveway and am greeted by my son who is ready to show me his latest experiment and wanting me to transform into a kid and play in his world.  Supper is half done and as I walk in the door my wife gets a phone call.  It’s a crisis pertaining to a board she is on.  She has to take the call.  I’m still struggling with transitioning back to being dad.  Then, my phone rings, urgent call with an urgent message.  My mind races.  Chores and homework that need to be done, fires that need to be put out and a never ending to do list.  We are all here physically, but mentally and emotionally we are being pulled in all different directions.  A delicate balance on the merry-go-round of life.  Often times, not in the present.  Sound familiar?


So how do you get off the merry-go-round and enjoy the company of those around in you present time?

  1.  Airplane Mode Your Phone.  What!?!  Disconnect from the world?  Yep.  One of the best ways to be present with your family, work or friend is to deliberately minimize distractions.  By putting your phone on airplane mode you allow yourself to be engaged with the ones around you.  This is great to do during supper or when you are with your kids.
  2. Meditation.  Mediation is a fantastic practice of being present. Exercising your mind to be present is like exercising a muscle to become stronger.  The more you exercise the stronger it will be.  Start out with 5 minutes and try to make this part of your daily routine.
  3. Present Time Essential Oil.  Smell is one of the strongest senses pertaining to emotions.  Young Living has a fantastic blend called “Present Time“.  The blend helps stimulate your brain to a heightened sense to be present and in the moment.  This can be applied topically and is great to put on when you needed to be present.  A must have!


Being in the present will always be a challenge.  Using these three simple tricks will help make the transition into present time an extremely wonderful experience.

For more information about Present Time Essential Oil please contact me at



Creating Health with Essential Oils - The Proof

Posted by Derek
December 8, 2016

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years and have helped millions of people!  The healing properties of essential oils are truly profound and can be life changing.  If fact, that is one of the reasons that essential oils have intrigued me so much.  For many years we would use oils as a chemical free cleaner or topically for minor aliments such as scrapes and bruises or muscle relief.  As the results continued to impress me and the success stories kept coming in I knew there was more to essential oils and creating a life of true health and balance.  The questions that kept lingering in my mind was – “How do I know they are working” and “what oils do a really need”?  It then dawned on me to start utilizing diagnostic lab testing!

The Labs

If you go to a traditional doctors office with a specific condition a majority of the times they will order blood work or other tests to help identify what is wrong.  What if instead of prescribing drugs they recommended essential oils??

Treating Disease or Creating Health?  That Is The Question

Many people try to use essential oils to help with specific conditions.  The reason most people do not achieve their goal is because they don’t have a true understanding of how your body works.  Remember the song when you were a kid…”Your foot bone’s connected to your leg bone, your leg bone’s connected to your thigh bone”?  Yes, every system, organ and body part is CONNECTED.  If one part of your body is out of balance, causing symptoms” then it will almost always throw another system out of balance because they are all CONNECTED!  So by trying to fix just one system at a time almost always leads to failure.  In order to treat any disease, you need to create balance in your ENTIRE body.

Putting It All Together

In order to effectively treat a condition or just to help maintain a high level of health a FULL COMPREHENSIVE analysis should be done.  Not just focusing on one system that is not working properly but integrating how each system works together so that you can come up with a full scale approach to put your body back into balance.  The more balance you are the more healthy you will become!

Run a full comprehensive blood panel looking at every system of your body and how they are working together.  Also, run a mineral hair analysis to see which specific minerals are low and if there is any heavy metal involved (more on this later).

The Labs

Blood Labs

  • Sugar
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Heart
  • Inflammation
  • Immune System
  • Digestion
  • Kidneys
  • Vitamin D
  • Cholesterol
  • Protein
  • Iron and Ferritin
  • Thyroid

Mineral Hair Analysis

  • 22 essential trace minerals
  • 17 toxic heavy metals

Final Thoughts

Once you know how your body is functioning you can come up with a solid lifestyle change utilizing diet, exercise and essential oils.  Using follow up labs you can compare and see how your body is healing and change your regime accordingly.  Take responsibility for your health, wealth and life.  Make this year the best year ever!!

Feel free to contact me to see how we can help you achieve your goals!


Derek is a Glasgow essential oils distributor. Use the contact form to get in touch with Derek.


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