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Hi, I’m Caitlin and I blog over at I’m a stay-at-home-mom to two adorable boys, married to my high school sweet heart, I love crafting, I’m a book-aholic, and I love all things pink. I’ve been using essential oils since January 2014 and am a loud and proud Oily Guru.

Over the past few years I’ve been slowly changing from a pretty traditional, mainstream gal who never though about anything that went on or in my body to a semi-crunchy, cloth diapering, natural childbirthing, organic food eating, baby wearing, detoxing, homemade, homegrown, and home-sewn kind of gal. It’s been quite a journey! I love discovering natural alternatives for my family.

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My Oily Moments

a mom and her oils

Fall Oily Bash

Posted by Caitlin
March 29, 2017

Twice a year our local oils team puts on a big, super fun oily event that we call the Oily Bash.  In the past this has been an open event for members and non-members but for the most recent one we changed it up a little bit and did a members only event.

Here are some pictures from the day!

One of the highlights of the event is we always do make and takes.  This time everyone got to make 3 DIY roller blends and then we also had some stations set up for people to make things like bath salts for and hot chocolate gift sets for Christmas gifts.

DIY essential oil bath salts make n take DIY essential oil bath saltsLocal team members who sell essential oil merchandise set up for us to shop.  One lady had these adorable essential oil bags and keychains.essential oil travel bag got oils? keychains I had been needing a new one for my diaper bag so I snagged this super cute owl one!essential oil bag for my purse Designing Diva was set up with diffuser jewelry, which is always a huge hit.essential oil jewelry And Megan Wright Design Co. was there with the prettiest oily paper goods you ever did see.Megan Wright Design Co products Megan Wright Design CoOf course we had lots of oils everywhere for people to smell.Young Living Aroma CompleteSomething new that we did this time was to have an oily potluck.  Everyone brought a dish that was made using Young Living’s vitality essential oils – we had a ton of food and it was SO delicious!essential oil infused food potluck Vitality oils to flavor our waterYoung Living vitality oilsMy favorite part by far was that one of the ladies who is a certified Raindrop instructor did a Raindrop demonstration.  They drew names from all of us who attended to choose the person used in the demonstration and guess who got picked…ME!!!  I was SO excited to get to experience a Raindrop!essential oil raindrop oils

We’re working on our next one, which will probably be in April.  If you are local to Bowling Green, KY contact me to find out more details!

oils for your kiddos

Posted by Caitlin
November 10, 2016

The KidScents oils are back in stock and able to purchase individually now – hooray!  I love these oils!  They are specially formulated for kiddos and pre-diluted for safe usage.  It takes the guesswork out what to use on your precious babes.

The KidScents collection comes with 6 oils and 2 roller balls for easy application.

SleepyIze – We use them one every night on Hudson’s feet before bed.  I chose to put one of the roller balls on this bottle so I can easily roll it on his feet.
TummyGize – I put the second roller ball on the TummyGize so I can quickly roll it on his stomach.  I really like TummyGize and it smells much better than DiGize to me.
SniffleEase – Wonderful for supporting the respiratory system!
GeneYus – GeneYus was created to promote focus (like while doing homework, etc.) but since Hudson isn’t old enough for that we haven’t used this one much yet.  I actually think I’m going to give this one a try for myself because my brain is always going in multiple directions and I could use some focus!
Owie – With a wobbly, active toddler in the house I’d say it’s a given that we use Owie pretty frequently!
Bite Buster – Very soothing to your skin!  I’m sure we’ll put this to good use this summer! (note: Bite Buster is the only one that is currently not available to purchase individually.  I recommend Purification as an alternative.)

I LOVEEEEEE our KidScents oils!

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