Monsters in the House!

What monsters are lurking in your house? Are they hiding in your kitchen cabinet? Your closet? In the bathtub? They are everywhere and not always easy to see or to find. Do you need practical tactics on how to seek, find, and evict these sneaky little pests from your home?

Come cozy up in your PJ’s with a cup of cider & join us here on FB for a LIVE presentation. You will learn how your exposure to daily toxins are a danger & how little consistent changes make all the difference. We can’t wait to share about the impact Young Living Oils & Toxic-free Living have made in our lives.

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October 25, 2018
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We’ve got monsters in the house! Well, not as many as we used to, as we’ve been doing some monster-hunting over the last year. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really care before. I mean…really…what ISN’T going to eventually kill you?!? Wow, was I wrong. It started with researching all the impacts to respiratory health after my stint in the ICU last summer. How was I so blind to all the harmful stuff in just our cleaning products?!? Talk about irony! That became the start of our journey to arm ourselves with knowledge to become conscientious consumers. We’ve been digging deep into the products we use and the companies we buy from and asking the hard questions.

I can’t remember who it was or where I saw it, but somehow I got turned onto an app called “Think Dirty”. it’s an amazing FREE app that lets you scan the products you use and love in your homes, from cleaning supplies to shampoo to make-up. You can even just look up the ingredients if one of your products isn’t listed. YOU GUYS! It was horrifying to think that some of the switches I made weren’t even great switches. (gasp) As a prime example: the baby detergent and baby wash we were using scored horribly! Here I was buying stuff specifically advertised to be gentler on fresh new baby skin and it was an 8 on the dirty scale of 0-10. As I gathered the courage to start scanning everything under our sink and in our bathrooms like a mad woman…I was horrified. NO WONDER I COULDN’T FREAKING BREATHE! It was so completely eye opening.

So, I’ve got to wonder…have you ever thought about this? Are you brave enough to look? We won’t let you face the monsters alone. Erin and I are so excited to get the chance to talk to you about what creatures may be lurking in YOUR house! We won’t stop at that, we are gonna help you fight them. As always, we have a lot of fun doing it! Come hang with us Monday night! We’re gonna go “live” on FB at 8pm PM PST!

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