April Ehl

Vancouver, WA

Planting Seeds of Hope...One Drop at a Time!

Hello Friend!  I’m so glad you’re here and can’t wait to learn more about you!  Let me tell you a little about me, and my family’s journey from skeptics to total believers as we watched the changes in our lives unfold after we started using essential oils!

I’m a Mom of five kiddos between the ages of one and 23 years old. The youngest three are still at home, and as you can imagine, we are busy! I’m the wife of a wonderful man who dares me to DREAM BIG, which is not something I’ve always been good at, but I’m learning more every day. I’m the daughter of the King and believe that God gave us everything we need on this earth to take care of ourselves, and it’s just a matter of getting back to the basics. There is nothing I love more than sharing hope, teaching, empowering, and just plain loving on people. One of my greatest joys is watching lives change and stories unfold after being empowered to take charge of health, emotions & wellness and getting to live a life of abundance.

We were the BIGGEST skeptics and it took us two years, tons of research and then a desperate circumstance to finally just jump on board and give oils a shot. Luckily, we had a couple of friends who loved us enough to patiently keep on sharing with us. After an emergency ambulance ride to the hospital for breathing issues, being admitted to the ICU and a week-long stay at six months pregnant, we were sent home with a prescription list a mile long. Not only were these meds going to cost us a significant amount of money a month, we started researching them and discovered that there were side-effects we weren’t willing to chance, and some of them didn’t have enough studies to know if they would affect our baby who was due in just a few months.  I was petrified for what the future may hold. In desperation, I called my friend and began asking questions about oils…AGAIN. We decided to order our starter kit and jumped in, and lo and behold, we saw immediate results! There simply was no denying the power of Young Living’s Essential Oils and the difference they were making in our lives. We’ve had life-changing experiences in the last year, including being weaned from all medications under the guidance of a doctor! We are all sleeping better, more focused, healthier, and our emotions are far more balanced.  (hello, two pre-teen girls…having a baby at 40, and  keeping up with a busy almost one year-old, while working full time and running my own business….do ya hear me?) We direly needed balance and wellness.

Are you tired, worn-out, dealing with health issues, stressed, overwhelmed, looking to ditch toxins from your life, looking for healthy, plant-based products for you and your family?  Better yet…are you breathing?  Then essential oils are for you, I promise! There IS hope, and you do not have to accept life the way it is.  I want for you what we have experienced! Let’s link arms and walk through this crazy amazing oily life together!

These were the greatest game-changers for our family!

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