Essential Oils & Our Four-Legged Family Members

So, ya think oils are just for humans? Nah! Did ya get a little scared with the fear mongering about cats & essential oils? Let’s jump into the truth, and ways you can also help support your four-legged family members! psssst – our Henry LOVES oils!

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October 5, 2018
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Meet Henry. He’s our goofy, 90lb, scaredy-cat “dog”. He hits the deck whenever a car drives by, making a walk outdoors oh-so-lovely. (Heavy sarcasm). But, he’s loyal, loves attention, playing, and is so so good with our kids! Considering he had never been around babies, and only around our kids who love to rile him up, I was so relieved to see how gentle he’s been around Grayson since the day he was born. Well…minus his tail that gets a little too excited. It’s like getting whipped in the face with a big ole feather duster. Anyway…we love our big ole pile of fur, and because we love him, he also gets essential oils! Yep! You better believe it!

Join me for an online class on Tuesday, October 9th at 8pm PST. I’d love to have you there while the class is actually going, because it’s so much more fun when you participate and ask questions, but you can always catch up later if this night doesn’t work for you. So, just select “going” and I’ll get you the scoop on essential oils with pets and animals!

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Date: 10/09/2018
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April Ehl