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Young Living has changed my life. I am dyslexic, I have Celiac Disease, IBS and have food and medication allergies. Young Living is such a blessing to me. It has helped me fight to conquer all the above. Its not a cure but a way to help me cope with things and ease symptoms of belly troubles. Young Living does not disappoint!

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Hey! Most of you all know that I am dyslexic. I found out my senior year in high school. Being dyslexic is a blessing but can also cause some struggles for me. However, I have found some tricks and ways to help me with dealing with things. Since I am dyslexic I have test anxiety, I have trouble focusing in class, I struggle to focus when studying and writing papers. Below though are some tricks I have learned that help me.

-Peace and Calming says it all. When it comes to anxiety or needing help focusing or doing a presentation Peace and Calming is always there for the rescue. It helps me relax and be in the moment. Teachers this is also great to diffuse in your classroom when the students are acting crazy.

-Lemon helps restore memory and helps clarify thoughts. I like to put this on my forehead and temples right before a test to help with memory. I also like to put it on a diffuser bracelet during a test as well to breathe it in while taking a test.

-Test anxiety: for my test anxiety I use Stress Away and Frankincense on my wrist and on the back of my neck right before a test to help relieve test anxiety. This combo was an eye opening moment for me. This combo is the first combo I used and what got me interested in YL. As soon as I put a drop of Stress Away on my wrist and neck, then put a drop of Frank on my wrist and neck I immediately did not have the anxiety any more and I felt confident in going and taking my test. This is amazing!!

- Focusing: When trying to focus in class or on a project or studying I use vetiver and clarity. I but Vetiver on the back of my neck and on my big toe. This helps the brain focus and control wondering thoughts. Clarity helps with mental clearness. I put this on my forehead and temples. I put this on 20-30 mins before class or before doing homework. These are my tricks on helping me focus.

-Diffuser focusing: While focusing while studying or writing a paper I diffuse Peppermint and lemon. These two oils have been shown to help with focusing and are great to use. Another thing I do is I diffuse Stress Away with Clarity or add it to Peppermint and Lemon. These combos are also good for anyone who have to work at home and have projects and work assignments that have to be done and need help focusing.

Young Living Essential Oils have helped me in so many ways. Young Living is a Seed to Seal promise. Meaning all of their oils are from plants and trees that are grown from the ground god gave us. These are not made from a factory with added ingredients. These are Seed to Seal Promise.

— Tiffany Ballard
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Special Education: Learning and Behavior Disorders
Grad Student,dyslexic advocate, former autism teacher/ tutor, daughter, sister
Using oils since March 17, 2018
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