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I am Happily Married to Robbie, Mom, Doctor of Chiropractic, Essential Oil Advocate, Serious Hand Talker, Potato Chip Connoisseur, and Compassionate Lover of Life!

When was the the last time you heard for the first time about a patient changing a Doctor’s life?  The usual scenario goes with the patient having a problem, goes to the Doctor, the Doctor gives them helpful information/products that will help solve their problem.  I have done this for almost 30 years.  That’s how it goes.

Not this time…my patient, Andre, would always share with me about a product that had changed he & his families life.  He kept telling me this for over 1.5 years!  Finally, just to shut the guy up, I agreed to take 30 minutes of my time after work to watch a video.  It wasn’t that big of a deal to skip my usual Seinfeld episode (yes, I know I am dating myself – but if the show is good…it’s good!) for about a half hour of my time.

That night while I was watching that video, it was like a light bulb came on over top of my head!  Kind of like the Arby’s commercial with the red hat over the guys head!  It instantly brought three solutions to problems that I could see me having in a few very short years:

The first problem was that I was searching for something that I could give my patient’s to have at the tip of their fingers that would allow them to take care of themselves.  I wasn’t available 24/7, but these products could be in their own home to help them out!  That is a BIG deal.

The second of my problems was that I was a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic and once I close my office doors, my income door also closes.  This was going to allow me to create another stream of revenue without having a brick and mortar facility.

The third problem was having a legacy and income that I could will to my children.

I immediately took his suggestion and joined Young Living.  Since then, I have collected some amazing stories to share with people and my members of my practice.  I would love for you to take the journey with me as we discover the oily world and the improved lifestyle from them!  I am in the process of becoming a chemical free home this year.  The Ditch & Switch Process takes a little time to achieve, but with the Young Living products it will be a success!

My most favorite thing is that both are 100% natural and anyone who wants to benefit from them can!  I have been a Chiropractor for almost 30 years and LOVE my career.  I get to witness the amazing ability of the human body heal itself on a daily basis.  These products only enhance my practice and my patients lives.

Why don’t you come join me and let’s write this amazing Oily Story together!

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Let's Be Friends! I am...Happily married to Robbie, Mom, Doctor of Chiropractic, Essential Oil Advocate, Serious Hand Talker, Potato Chip Connoisseur, and Compassionate Lover of Life!
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