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Welcome to my Oily Guru website where we focus on living for Wellness! This lifestyle is a commitment to listen to your body and making choices that supports overall wellness. Your body will tell you when it needs rest, food, or support. This is not a lifestyle where you have a magic wand that makes all your troubles go away. It’s about increasing the quality of your life by the right food plan, exercise, and reducing harmful chemicals/toxins & replacing with them with natural and safe products that work! 

Young Living is a great solution for a natural lifestyle and best part is these essential oils work to support individual bodies depending on the need at the time.  Plus they smell AMAZING!

It is very empowering to have something at our fingertips that works for physical, mental, and emotional wellness! It is so relaxing after a day of stressful work to drop oils into your diffuser or to roll on a blend on your children to help them focus on their homework when what they really want to do is play! 

I would love to help get you started –it’s easy, simple and best part it will be very rewarding experiencing the changes!

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Since my lifestyle changed and good things are going on in my family and friend’s lives too. Since I said yes…….
--My husband has a wife whose main mood has chilled. My children are wishing the changes had come before they moved out lol.
--My immune system is stronger than ever.
--Our home smells like a relaxing, take me away from this crazy world, spa.🛁
--I have new amazing friendships and have reconnected with friends from decades ago.
--Sleep is a beautiful thing!💤
--My comfort zone has been stretched into personal growth.
--I am not afraid of any terrible two overnighters!😉
--My home is toxin free and cleaning smells amazing.
--People say all the time “you smell good." Even when clearing Customs, they ask what is that great smell?💧
--I love having solutions on the spot.
--Energy is a guarantee AFTER lunch too💪🏼
I will be forever grateful Young Living came into my life. I did not just buy a product or start a business, but made a change to a lifestyle that has given so much more back. Makes me want to break out in the song “it’s a new dawn; it’s a new day; it's a new life, and I am feeling good….”

— Susan Jackson
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When it Rains, It Pours and then…..

Posted by Susan
April 17, 2016

Well ‘somebody’ forgot to clean out the outside drain, and of course, it came a downpour.  I am talking the bucket fell out of the sky, and water had nowhere to go but to the basement.  Sure enough a couple of weeks later, we found the dreaded mold all around the bottom of the walls.  I am thinking “oh wow” this is going to cost some major bucks to remediate – couple of thousand at least!!  But then I found out that one of my essential oils in my Young Living starter kit is actually covered in the book “Nature’s Mold Rx”  – the non-toxic solution to toxic mold written by Edward Close, PhD and Jacquelyn Close, PhD.

So we checked it out and did the whole recommended protocol:  (1) Therapro Diffuser, (2) Thieves Household Cleaner, (3) Thieves Essential Oil, and (4) Lemongrass Essential Oil.

We diffused Thieves for 24 hours straight and then Lemongrass for 24 hours straight (combination kills all mold) and then used the cleaner to wipe off the dead mold.  It has been several months now and all mold is still gone!!  YAY! For under $200 mold is gone and no toxins were used!  Win-Win!!

Wellness Triangle

Posted by Susan
April 18, 2018
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