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That about sums me up! I use oils day and night! Oils can touch every aspect of your life from stress, pain management, skin care, sleep, hormones etc. My sister likes to say the oils are her new “medicine cabinet”. But really they are just another tool in the toolbox to care for our health and our family. It’s a back to the basics approach.

My story: Once my first baby was about 6 months (now almost three), I started to make the switch to a more natural lifestyle. It takes baby steps for sure but it is doable and SO worth it. Since we have made the switch, I’ve noticed a huge transformation in our household. My passion is now to help other women make the switch too.

What’s the big deal!?? Toxins seem to be in every thing these days from our skin care, our cleaners and even our clothes and they are destroying our health. If you haven’t seen it, check out the documentary Stink on Netflix. That sheds some light on the chemicals in our home….eek!

Of course we can’t get rid of it all! It’s just impossible, but there are a lot of changes we can make in our home and it’s easier than you think! It really is a simple, convenient, safe and effective alternative that has revolutionized our homes and wellness.

We can support our health in such a big and easy way just by using essential oils. But not just any essential oil from the super market. An oil that is pure, potent and POWERFUL. We are the guardian of the threshold of our home and it’s now time that we take the reigns and gain our freedom back.

Why take this journey with me? We have an AMAZING community that you are about to be adopted into with resources and incredibly encouraging, supportive like-minded people that are willing to help YOU on your journey.

Once you get started, I’ll mail you a package of resources that will help you get started on your journey! I will also help you create a three month wellness plan that is catered to your needs. Whether you want to improve your sleep, lower your stress, support your child’s digestive health or you want an extra stream of income that could become a game-changer, we have the tools you need. I am honored to link arms with you on your journey! Lets get started!



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Events are the BEST way to plug in, learn more and meet other people who are of the same mind. It’s a great way to learn from one another and encourage each other. Every time I go to an event, whether it’s a class, a rally or just hop on a zoom call to listen….I learn more and I’m able to lean in to my wellness journey even more! All events are free unless stated otherwise and there is always room for one more, so bring your mom, your sister….or your best friend!! Click here to see the November events!


What is the best place to start? Grab a Premium Starter Kit and let your journey to new health and wellness begin. Here are afew of my FAVORITE PREMIUM STARTER KITS :

From left to right: Essential oils, Ningxia Red, Thieves, Savvy Minerals

Starter Kit Oils


THIEVES: The easiest switch in the world!

Thieves is literally the only cleaner under my sink. I use it for EVERYTHING!


HAPPY HORMONES – These have changed my life!



Why Essential Oils?


SEED to SEAL Standards


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Life changers for my family!

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