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My name is Sheena. I am married to a wonderful man named Gary and together we have two amazing sons who are toddlers and are constantly go, go, go! We live in the outskirts of town surrounded by cornfields and cows. I have a passion for living an overall healthy and active lifestyle. In the past two years I have lost 165 pounds and it has given me a different outlook on life and what I’m doing with this life now that I have a second chance at it. I was introduced to oils and Young Living about a year ago. I did have a basic understanding of oils as I have used them in the past however I had no idea that Young Living existed. Boy, what rock have I been living under? Last year was a huge struggle with many things in the negative column and I was looking for some clarity and some support for myself and my family, especially my kids. My wonderful friend who introduced me to oils really helped me help myself and my family. It’s amazing how little drops of oil can change lives. I now have the opportunity to help others change their lives by educating and sharing my love of oils and wellness products that Young Living offers. The path to wellness is right in front of us and I am here to tell you, you do not have to travel it alone. I am not here to sell you products that will just sit on the shelf. I am here to show you that these products are a game changer!!

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My acheivements as a health and wellness advocate.

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Masters in Social Work (with a focus on alcohol and drug addiction, forensic pyschology and dual diagnosis)
Mom, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Social Worker and a music lover.
Using oils since September 20, 2020
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