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Learning to embrace uncertainty...

some days I learn slower than others!  A couple years ago, I was in a different world.  I loved my job, I was surrounded by great friends and family close by.  I was comfortable and content.  Of course I had goals and dreams for the future like everyone else, but no heavy pressure to change.  Then one day there was shift, you know, when something happens beyond your control, yet it seems it causes your world to turn upside down.  I won’t bore you with details (we can do that over coffee or cocktails) but I had to make decisions, that I was not ready, prepared or excited to make.  Those decisions took me to new jobs and places, where I didn’t feel I belonged.  I was starting to feel discouraged, un-motivated and STUCK.   I still have one foot in this place, but I feel like a door has opened, and I’m on way way out!

God has a plan, we know this, but sometimes its difficult to believe (sometimes it feels practically impossible), but I promise, He does.  For the first time, in what feels like a VERY long time, I’m excited.  And you guessed it, I’m excited about Essential Oils.  I’ve heard a few friends talk about it in the past, but never asked many questions.  Someone very close to my heart has had some recent struggles.  I reached out to an old friend whom I knew had been involved with Young Living for a while and asked for her help.  She poured so much information to me, I was a little overwhelmed, and incredible grateful.  From asking a question for someone else, now I’m hooked to learning as much as possible and helping as many people as I can.  If the past couple years hadn’t evolved the way they have, I’m not sure where I’d be, but I believe I have been directed here for a reason.

I have a passion for people, learning and helping.  So… how can I help?

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