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Clarksville TN, KY

For the love of oils.

The more I learn about oils the more I Love them. A bit about me I have several health issues as well as some anxiety and I am trying to use natural products to get healthy again. Both in body and mind. Oils are one of my favorite natural, healthy sources of support.  On another note my parents were foster parents for 25 years and the kids I met because of that made me realize how blessed I am. If you’re a foster family I encourage you to bring oils into your home. Any family can use oils, but in general foster children have so much to deal with and process. Prayers, and oils are likely the best resource you’ll have to help a hurting child, of course prayer 🙏🏻  is always the most important. But even God recommended the use of oils to His people. They are all throughout the Bible.

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Working on BA in Buisness Management
I was a Customer service manager for ten years, I’m a wife, a caregiver, a CLA, I love to hike, fish, swim and read. But my favorite two pass times is spending time with my husband and my nieces and nephews
Using oils since September 27, 2020
Clarksville TN, KY essential oils
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For information about classes, oils, if you have a chronic illness and just and just need someone who understands, or to those who are struggling to find natural products to support their or their children Text me or Email me anytime, if you prefer a phone call just let me know in your text or email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Also for those of you who are foster families, you are my heart and I will always strive to be there for you! My email is rachhug@yahoo.com and my phone number is(270) 893-9588


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