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I have been chemically sensitive for many many years. In my earlier years I had no idea that I was chemically sensitive and really had no clue what that even meant. I typically had bronchitis or strep throat about 8 to 10 times a year without exaggeration. Was always sick from something, always needed a nap and absolutely had to go to bed by 8 or 9. I used all the typical cleaning products full of toxins and took a bath in perfume! Never realizing all the harm it was doing to my immune system. After being diagnosed with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) in my late 20’s I started realizing what these harmful chemicals were doing to me. I switched out a lot of products for fragrance free, stopped wearing perfume and did what I could to live a more natural lifestyle. This all helped to a degree but I still did not have any energy and as I aged, my hormones also went haywire and I had to find ways to try to help cope with all of the hormonal issues. Fast forward to May 2017. Along came Young Living Essential Oils! As I learned about all of the uses for the oils, I also learned how nutrition went hand in hand with completely healing my body. After becoming a Young Living member, I made a huge lifestyle change by adjusting my eating habits and also by using the essential oils and supplements to support my entire body systems. I have since switched out my skin care products, makeup, all of the products I used to clean with, and so much more to have a completely toxin free home. I started using Young Living products in hopes of feeling better and having more energy. Since joining Young Living, I have not had to have a sick visit with the doctor and have not had to use any type of over the counter or prescription medications. At age 59 I feel better than I felt in my 30’s and 40’s. That is why I tell people about Young Living! I want others to feel as good as I do and as I share, by helping others I am also growing my business to help supplement my retirement. I love being able to help myself by helping others first! It’s a win win!

If you desire to live a life free of toxic chemicals with wellness, purpose and abundance and would love to know more about how to do that, just contact me below for more information or simply click on “sign me up” and I will be contacting you. I would love to walk through this journey with you and help you learn how to feel great! My mission is to be a part of the oily revolution by changing the world, one drop at a time! I want to help people from all walks of life who are wanting to obtain better health & whole body wellness through natural means & removing toxins to better take care of themselves, their families, their animals & their homes.


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