Lee Jenks

Seattle/Tacoma, WA

My mission is to empower families.

I will educate and provide resources, support and connect you with a fun and exciting community, show you how easy it is to help others, and if you could use a few extra dollars, I will provide the tools and support you need to build your own business.

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Until then, may you have a happy, healthy, and prosperous future.

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Purification for dog odor is working wonders, diffusing lavender is creating a relaxing atmosphere before sleep, peppermint supported my digestion system the other night, and Ortho Sport helped my muscles after training.

— Jessi D.

Forgot to tell you my exciting news. Went in for my six month dental checkup, and the dentist said it's the best check up I’ve had. We talked longer than it took for my teeth to be cleaned. Only thing I’ve been doing different is using the Thieves toothpaste and mouthwash.

— Kathy M.

I LOVE diffusing cedarwood essential oil before bed. I've also been getting respiratory support from a drop of Thieves Vitality on my tongue, or R.C. rolled on my neck, or Breathe Again across my forehead!!!

— Seth J.
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