Kyler Boudreau

Princeville, HI

Independent Film Fueled with Essential Oils

I’m a Husband, Dad and Filmmaker. Sometimes I get that order wrong, but my wife is patient. Healthy living and knowing the facts about what we eat, use in our home and on our bodies is extremely important to me. My wife and I were introduced to essential oils four years ago. We never looked back.

And check it out – for 9 years after film school I had a full time job and did film on nights and weekends. I didn’t eat that well. Normal American. In 2015, thanks to my wife’s hard work, no more day job! So now I get to work on my passion, which is filmmaking. How do essentials oils and other Young Living products help that? Try diffusing blends like Dreamcatcher or Clarity while writing. How about Peace and Calming on set?

If you’d like, check out more about my filmmaking here: Theater Eleven Pictures.

Also work as as co-founder of Outer Gain, an online marketing platform, and Cultivate. The best WordPress CRM on the planet! So yeah, hands are in everything. Hit me up if you want to talk film, oils, online marketing or fly fishing.

Oh yes… I’m a die hard for the sport.

A Few of My Favorite Products

My next big event is shooting Paradise Strikes. But I'll have more here soon!

Kyler's Oily Milestones

Young Living Diamond
Performs ZYTO Scans
Completed Young Living's Beauty School

I don't just visit film sets! Check out the farms I've been to...

The Mona, UT Farm
The St. Maries Farm
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Using oils since February 11, 2013
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