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Hi! My name is Kristen and I'm so glad you're here. Why? Because not that long ago I was probably in the same situation you're in right now: Searching for healthier options in life.

The good news? I found those options with Young Living, and my life and family haven't been the same since!

Whether you're on the hunt for natural ways to support your health to non-toxic ways to clean your home, I can promise you that Young Living products will change your world. Contact me with any questions. I love helping people get started with Young Living!

History and Museum Studies
Mom, Confectioner, Foodie, Personal Trainer, and Homeschool Teacher
Using Oils Since August 20, 2012
Houston, TX Essential Oils Distributor
YL Member #: 21051086
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    Please use my info to contact me about Young Living!

    Kristen Tyson

    Kristen Tyson

    Lives in Houston TX

    Member No. 21051086

    Hi, I'm Kristen!


    Whether you found me because you live near Houston, or are interested in how I use oils with my family, I’m glad you are here!

    I began using oils topically to help with seasonal allergy relief and for major headaches due to allergens. I saw how the oils worked, but frankly did not really believe in using them daily and replacing my medicine cabinet with the Young Living products. Flash forward many years later when I needed help fast before I lost my ability to nurse our third child. I was desperate to try anything, because all the herbs and supplements I found were not working. My oily friend suggested ingesting Fennel for a week to see if it helped. She even provided several samples of other oils that were known to help other nursing moms. The Fennel (albeit horrible tasting to me) worked amazingly and I was able to keep my milk supply going. That’s when I became a believer in essential oils.

    I currently diffuse oils in my home everyday. The kids wake up to a new, fresh scent coming out of our diffuser before we start our day homeschooling. My husband enjoys cooking with Young Living’s Vitality line of essential oils. Vitality Oils have the white label on them and are specifically engineered to ingest. These oils pack a flavorful punch, a tiny bit goes a long way, and add amazing flavor to any dish! Adding oils to dishes makes it easy to WOW friends and family by replacing herbs and spices that often waste-away in the fridge or pantry.

    Everyday I am learning more about essential oils and their uses in our home.  We also use the Thieves Household Cleaner to keep our home clean and smelling fantastic.  I don’t have to worry about my kids getting toxins on their skin when they help with chores around the house. I would love to chat with you about replacing your pantry and cleaning items with Young Living products, or find out how oils can help you personally, no matter what challenges you face. You will not regret it!



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      Please use my info to contact me about Young Living!

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