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I love adventure. My first five years living on a hobby farm, I learned to ride horses, raise chickens, and coax a garden out of inhospitable Texas clay. Along the way, we met essential oils and found how much they help us do #allthethings.

I tell stories about the adventure of wellness through all the parts of my life as a busy hobby farmer, dance and theatre mom, entrepreneur, and writer of books. We use our oils and supplements everywhere, inside and out, every day.

I have a rule that the pursuit of #allthethings can’t happen at the expense of abundant life. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So we play, sleep, oil up, and meet the adventures with our best attitude.

Young Living’s all-natural lifestyle brand (so much more than just essential oils!) is an important part of the story for anyone seeking the adventure of everyday wellness.

Write your own wellness story with the Oil Adventure Club! Follow links below to get started right away, or contact me to learn more. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Adventure 🌿 Wellness 🌿 Abundant Life

Traveling with Essential Oils

Posted by Krista
January 4, 2017

panaway, stress away, valor, digize, grapefruit and peppermint oils

Traveling today. What do I just *have* to keep on my person while in the airport?

PanAway for the knot in my shoulder.
Stress Away for self soothing.
Valor because never be without it.
Thieves to ward off airborne ick.
Grapefruit to flavor the water.
Digize in case of upset tummy.

There was a pouch of NingXia juice but that was gone before I fully woke up. Ain’t no germs catching me today! #adventuringwell

Valor: Best Christmas Gift Ever!

Posted by Krista
December 25, 2016

valor oil inside a set of nested boxes

Today brought a mysterious kachina box, ending in a coveted bottle of oil that inspires courage & well being. Bring on 2017!
#valor #outofstock #privatereserve #truelove

Jasmine: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Posted by Krista
December 1, 2016

jasmine oil in front of a christmas tree

Christmas came early for me this year, in the form of a bottle of nostalgia.

In 1997 I met Santa Monica, California. The traffic, the pollution, the jaded waiters and bartenders who were all also actors and filmmakers–all were as foreign a culture to this Ohio girl as if I had moved to another country.

But the fragrance of Santa Monica by moonlight captured my heart for eternity. Night Blooming Jasmine, floating heavy on the evening breeze, lifted my spirits every evening as we drove our convertible along tree lined neighborhood streets. That scent came to represent all the best of old Hollywood and new beginnings.

A few weeks ago someone passed a bottle of Jasmine essential oil around a circle of friends for all to smell. And I was transported back almost 20 years to a time full of hope and anticipation. I went home and cashed in all my reward points collected over six months, and ordered myself a bottle of Santa Monica by Moonlight.

And today it arrived.

#happy #jasmine #essentialoils #oilygurus#oilylove #mystory #memorylane#rewardpointsrock

5 Great Ways to Use Thieves Essential Oil

Posted by Krista
February 1, 2018

Thieves is a flagship essential oil blend from Young Living Essential Oils. It is comprised of Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Rosemary oils.

Swirl a few drops in your hand and breathe deeply…it smells like Christmas and baking, all at once!

The idea for this proprietary blend arose…

{to read the rest, follow this link}

The Power of Scent

Posted by Krista
March 17, 2016
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