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A wife and mom with a restored life.

In February of 2015 I found myself 38 years old and declared disabled by a specialist at one of top clinics in the world that treats my chronic illness. About that same time, someone had the courage to suggest Young Living Essential Oils. It took a year of essential oils, Zyto scans, cleansing protocols, NingXia Red, and support from the Oily Gurus community for me to be here today. My disability no longer runs my life. I am doing the biz and being the wife and mother I could only dream of being a year and a half ago. My heart is to come along side and help others discover wellness, purpose, and abundance, because they ARE possible.

The things that got me off the disabled list.

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A Journey to Healing

Stories of Life Restoration

To Cure or to Heal

Posted by Kira
November 15, 2018

When my sister badgered me into trying Young Living, I did it so she would stop bothering me. Period.

I had accepted the “death sentence.” I believed what my doctor had told me. “I’ll hold you here – at this level of disease – as long as I can, but you will slowly get worse.”

Now, 3 years later, I have a whole different outlook on life. I think different. I live different.

I no longer hope for some magical medical or pharmaceutical cure to make all the misery (I once suffered) go away.

My focus is my quality of life. E-V-E-R-Y area of my life. If there is something I can do that is (truly) all natural that will improve any part of my life, I am doing it or have a goal of making it happen.

I am working daily at healing. At making lifestyle changes that affect my mind, my body, and my spirit.

I understand that healing requires owning my own health. Healing requires doing my own research. Healing looks at the big picture and the small details.

Healing requires healthy cells. Healing involves supported body systems. Healing involves reducing my toxic body burden in any way possible.

Healing takes time. Healing takes consistency. Healing takes belief.

Healing is in investment in yourself. Every investment involves a level of risk. In this case, the risk was daring to HOPE.

My husband and I were scared to death when we took that risk.

That risk to hope represents a journey. My chronic illness is still a part of my life. But, now it’s a “hang-nail” instead of a ball and chain.

Now I have support solutions that literally “do NO harm” and use much much less of the of treatment options with their long lists of side-effects.

Now, each month I notice little improvements, instead of each year realizing more loss of health.

Will there ever be a cure for my illness? And, by cure, I mean the absence of the disease without the need for regular use of pharmaceuticals. On this side of heaven, I don’t know.

But, as for me, I have found healing. The difference in my quality of my life is radical.

I’ll stay on this path. It’s a journey worth taking.

Fear, Belief, & Self Talk

Posted by Kira
January 29, 2018

When I found out I was pregnant with a surprise baby in early May 2017, I had two main fears. The first was that my migraine attacks would go out of control during pregnancy. That’s not uncommon for those with migraine disease. They didn’t, btw. Instead, my health continued to improve…all the while growing a baby.

The second fear was that my migraine attacks would get bad after the baby arrived on account of exhaustion. Being over-tired has long been a migraine trigger for me, and so the fear was real.

My newborn turned 3 weeks old this past Friday. He has been breastfeeding every 2 hours since he was born. This means, that in general, I get 45 minute-ish naps in-between feedings. And obviously, I don’t attempt sleeping 12 times a day. I mean, the laundry has to be done, right!

Saturday, I hit a wall. I felt mentally and emotionally disconnected from my newborn and my other family members. All I wanted to do was cry. I felt like I just “couldn’t go on anymore.”

Being a person of faith, I turned to prayer, albeit, a barely coherent prayer. This lead me to do some evaluating. First of all, since Kai has arrived, I haven’t had a migraine attack triggered by exhaustion yet. So, what I fear hasn’t happened and is therefore, possibly, unfounded fear. Second, I asked myself why I “believe” I’m going to get exhaustion migraines in the first place? My health has come so far. I’m using essential oils to support my adrenals so that there is less likelihood that they will crash. This baby is a gift from God. Can’t He take care of me and keep those attacks from ever happening? Absolutely.

So, I turned to my migraine support group, admitted my fear and asked for prayer from those members who shared my faith. I knew they would understand my fear better than anyone else.

Then I gave my self-talk an overhaul. Why believe negative things and predict doom for yourself? No more thinking “I’m going to have a migraine attack.” Instead, “God gives strength to the weak.” And, “if you can do labor without an epidural you can do this.” And, “your body is stronger than you think.” The best, is that I started telling myself “My baby WILL go longer than 2 hours between feedings.” I may not know when. But I knew I needed to start believing it was possible.

And, wouldn’t you know, last night he went 3 hours and 4 hours respectively between feedings. It’s amazing what 2 consecutive blocks of 2 hours of sleep can do for a mama!

What do you do when fear is flooding you with doubt? When your self-talk isn’t steering you towards a positive outcome? Or, when you simply feel that life has overwhelmed you and you can’t win? I have some really strong friends which chronic illness who fight every day. I’d love to hear your stories of strength and the tools you use to overcome what life throws your way.

Kira is a Racine essential oils distributor. Use the contact form to get in touch with Kira.


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