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I am an oil newbie... but not for long!

Hey everyone I am Katie Garner! I’m from a small town in Kentucky known as Jamestown. If you’re at all familiar with KY, Jamestown is the heart of Lake Cumberland, I am a child of God, daughter to an awesome momma, a Kentucky basketball fan and a dental assistant. I joined Young Living in February of 2018.I had heard of YL before but I had never really had anyone introduce me to them. I was invited to a class at my church on a Sunday afternoon, I had nothing else better to do, so I went with no expectations. I, like most people, was skeptical, but I have suffered with allergy and sinus issues for as long as I can remember, so when they were talking about how lavender, lemon and peppermint was the “allergy” blend, I needed to know more. After getting the starter kit that day and going home and diving right in, I was hooked. I was sold on that “allergy” blend. Most of my symptoms were gone (other than the occasional sneeze), even during the worst of the allergy season, which in Kentucky is almost all the time.  From then on, I have been hooked on these “crazy” things called Essential Oils.

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