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Are you feeling hopeless in your state of health and wellness?
Are you tired of just getting by? Just surviving? Are you ready to truly Thrive??
I was there once too, but no longer! I used to be desperate, hopeless, just plain tired. But that’s changed, and it can change for you too. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and your body is meant to feel GOOD!

I’m just a normal wife and mom who chose to say “Yes” to something new, I chose to say “Yes” to using Young Living essential oils. I wanted to make a change, and I did!
You can too. You can go from feeling desperate, hopeless, and tired, to feeling GOOD- HAPPY- Full of LIFE!!
It happened to me and it can happen to you.

I’m Julianne Smith. I’m a police wife to a husband who has battled an autoimmune disease for over 12 years.
I’m a mom to 5 amazing kids- from a toddler to a teenager, and everything in between.
I’m a School Nurse who works with kids from Kindergarten all the way through High School.
I’m a Christian, a youth worker in our church, a Jane Austen and BBC fan, a coffee lover, a tropical beach lover, a vintage style lover, and an Essential Oil loving enthusiast!

Join me on this Amazing and life-changing road to Wellness, you’ll be so glad you did!!

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Lavender Love

Posted by Julianne
March 29, 2017

Can I share a secret with you?
I wasn’t a big fan of Lavender oil before I started using essential oils.

But I’ll tell you, once we started using Lavender on a regular basis we started experiencing the amazing benefits.

Most people are aware that NOT getting a good night’s sleep can negatively affect the next day. Our bodies can not function properly without good sleep. That’s where we were!

Our oldest was a sleep walker and a sleep talker, she would get up multiple times a week in the middle of the night, doing weird things. Then the next day she would be exhausted!

And me? Well I had a brain that would not shut off, I could be awake for hours just thinking. Thinking about what happened that day, thinking about what needed to be done the next day, just thinking. So I was always waking up exhausted too.

And then enter Young Living into our lives. I used my Lavender oil and made a linen spray with it, I use this spray on our pillows and sheets at night before bed, and our sleep issues have dramatically improved!

Lavender oil is also great in your diffuser in the evening to help calm and relax your family at night.
And did you know that Lavender oil is great for skin support?

There are so many uses for this amazing oil!
Do you remember in the beginning that I said I wasn’t a fan of Lavender oil? Well, no longer! I am definitely in love with my Lavender oil!

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