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Indianapolis, IN

A nurse looking for a healthier lifestyle

I began my journey with Young Living in the Summer of 2016. I had just started a new chapter of my nursing career – Oncology. My new job is something I LOVE, but it has very real emotional and mental stressors.

I had also started to notice that the cleaners I used in my home were caustic and had a pungent odor that permeated the air – some even made my husband ill.

Being the mother of three beautiful girls, I started putting things together – the cancer I was seeing on a regular basis, many types thought to be from exposure to environmental toxins – my husband’s reactions to cleaners, stress of my new job, and the health of my beautiful family.

A friend at work mentioned her sister used Young Living products in her home and as support in a healthy lifestyle – and I bought the Premium Starter Kit. And this began my oily love story – I have replaced all candles with diffusers, and my husband has a much easier time breathing! ♥️

We now solely use Thieves cleaner in our home -and it even works with really hard water! And my children even ask for oils first when they are having an issue ♥️

My oily group of friends are so supportive and education oriented, we have frequent online classes and meetings, as well as free website hosting and a searchable product education group!  I have become an “oily” woman surrounded by friends making small changes to make our homes a better place to LIVE!

Start your oily adventure with myself and the Oily Gurus clan and soon you will be saying “I have an oil for that” – seriously…

Thank You for taking the time to read a little about me, now let’s help YOU!  ☺️

The oils I cannot live without!

My online and in-person classes - we have so much fun, you DON'T want to miss them!

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I had terrible stomach cramps, they were doubling me over! My wife asked if she could apply some oils to my lower abdomen and feet. I agreed, just to appease her. I was shocked when I was able to get up 5 minutes later without any difficulties! Talk about amazing.

— R.E.

Crazy story: My left knee had been popping when I went up stairs for 3 days. I rubbed the Copaiba oil on it twice yesterday - like literally dabbed it on there in a rush... it's stopped popping.

— E.W.

My husband drank Peppermint (vitality) oil with milk to help his stomach and it worked! He is loving Cedarwood to help him focus! Omg yay I'm so excited! And the Gentle Baby essential oil is amazing!

— K.K.

My hands were in bad shape... with all the cleaning and dishwashing for Thanksgiving I looked like I had a disease, but my hands are so soft and not cracked now from that lotion you helped us make! I am amazed by how fast it worked!

— A.D.
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Registered Nurse - Oncology
Registered Nurse, Wife, Mother of three beautiful girls, Wellness advocate (but not judgy)... and I love to watch Investigation Discovery, Dateline. My favorite movie is Step Brothers.
Using oils since July 01, 2016
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I am a down to Earth, spiritual person who uses essential oils for a multitude of emotions. I am a Registered Nurse, I work in Cancer Care and I use only non-toxic cleaners in my home. My husband and three girls have each benefited in their own way from this lifestyle change so much! I am thrilled about how oils can support our emotions and our body as a whole!

Our environment is toxic - and if you look at indoor air quality, it is on a whole WORSE than the environment outside! We are responsible for being the gatekeepers of our households - we control what we bring in and use on and around our family. I made baby steps, starting with changing to using only Thieves cleaner and purchasing a Premium Starter Kit with a diffuser (so I could ditch my candles and wall plug ins which are horribly toxic) and have transitioned our home to one which is a safe haven for us! It feels wonderful to let my three year old help me clean and know that it is not adversely affecting her health!


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