Amy Jordan

Franklin, NJ

Essential oils have brought JOY back into my daily life

I was lost as a mom. It was everything I always wanted to be, but I didn’t have that joy of motherhood. Then a dear friend reached out to me and said, “You have to try essential oils.” Why not, I have tried everything else?! You guys, they made such a difference for me! I felt whole again. I felt like me again. I had JOY again. I had life again. And you know what?! My family noticed too! They even ask me, when I am in a mood, did you use your oils today?! These little drops of heaven have changed me and helped me be the mom I always wanted to be.

Oh, but we aren’t just oils. I now have a cleaner, healthier house thanks to the Thieves cleaning products and a healthier Beauty routine thanks to Thieves toothpaste, the deodorant, the beauty products and MAKE-UP!

Did I mention the vitamins and supplements? No?! We also have them. Everything from your everyday multivitamin to more targeted needs like Vitamin C, Calcium, Probiotic, Fish Oil… and then there are supplements for al the other various things you might want to address, joints, aging, female or male reproductive systems….. anything that might need a little extra support!

Then there is the children’s line of vitamins, pro-biotics, body wash and lotion, oils….and baby needs!!!

I could go on and on. Really guys, YOUNG LIVING has everything you need to live a healthy, chemical-free life. Just ask me how!!

Oils that brought back my Joy

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Mom, Book keeper, hunter, chickens
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