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I am a retired medical doctor in NC.  I am no longer managing disease as I was trained to do back in the 1970’s. After nearly three decades of watching patients grow sicker and poorer as their medication lists grew longer and longer, I discovered the joy of using natural substances to support the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Now I use nutrition, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies and—especially— essential oils to promote wellness. I feel so fortunate to have found my purpose in life and to finally be able to help people experience vibrant wellness and the abundance that comes with living in harmony with nature.

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Better Living Through Chemicals---REALLY??

Posted by Dr. Bobbie
April 17, 2016

Better Living Through Chemicals---REALLY?? Did you know that in 2005 there were nearly 300 chemicals detected in the umbilical cord blood of a large sampling of newborns? Most of these didn’t even exist when I was born in 1951, and very few of them have been vetted by the FDA or EPA. At least 15 of them are known carcinogens and hormone disruptors!

Most baby care products contain toxic chemicals and hormone disruptors that are readily absorbed through the skin.

Since the skin is the largest absorptive surface in the body, doesn’t it make sense to be extremely cautious about what lotions and soaps we use on our children?

Instead of commercial baby lotion I recommend using organic extra virgin coconut oil with pure therapeutic grade essential oils added for fragrance. It is both safe and gentle.

Rather than commercial baby wash products, I suggest using liquid castile soap scented with a couple of drops of lavender or frankincense essential oil.

Young Living’s Gentle Baby essential oil blend is especially soothing to babies with dry, chapped skin and diaper rash–and it smells wonderful!

Although it is impossible to eliminate every toxic exposure our babies will experience,it is possible to make small changes in what we apply to baby’s skin that can have enormous long term benefits.

2018 update: Since I first wrote this post, Young Living has developed a line of safe and gentle baby care products. Check out the YL Seedlings products on the Young Living website! They are so popular with new and veteran moms that they often go out of stock! (I love to give these products as baby gifts!)

Ask Your Doctor If...

Posted by Dr. Bobbie
April 18, 2016


What do you think about advertisements for drugs on TV and in print?

Well, as a physician for nearly 40 years, I will tell you what I think.

I think they are dangerous.

Every time I hear the admonition to the patient to “tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney disease” or, “make sure you tell your doctor what other medications you are taking”, I cringe.

Every prescription drug works by blocking a critical enzyme system or interfering with a normal body function.

To encourage consumers to diagnose and recommend treatment for their symptoms is irresponsible at best. At worst it can be fatal.

Americans are the most overdrugged and unhealthy people in the first world.

One of my favorite things to do is help people support their wellness with essential oils

Does that sound like something you might be interested in? If so, contact me and we will “chat”!

NIngXia Red---The Nutritional Beverage with a Ninja Punch

Posted by Dr. Bobbie
April 1, 2018
You may have noticed that one of my favorite products that I use every day is NingXia Red. Since you probably don’t know what that is, I would like to tell you a bit about it and why my hubby and I drink it every. single. day.

NingXia Red is Young Living’s whole food supplement drink made from pureed wolfberries (also known as goji berries and harvested in the Ningxia district of Northern China) as well as several other nutritional superstar ingredients.

When I first joined Young Living back in 2014 I kept hearing rave reviews of this product from those who had been members longer than I had.

To be honest, I was super skeptical about how one or two ounces of a “juice beverage” could be so wonderful that long-term YL members raved about it, claiming it was one of YL’s products that they would never be without.

Seriously, what could possibly be in those little pouches they included in every starter kit that could do more for me than my clean healthy diet and vitamin supplement was already doing?

Well, let me explain to you why I have jumped on the Daily NingXia Bandwagon…

First of all, let’s look at the Top 10 key nutrients in NR that contribute to strong and healthy bodies:

19 amino acids–including ALL of the essential ones (very unusual in a plant food!)
Beta carotene AND lutein
Zeaxanthin–the most important pigment found in the central part of the retina in the eye
Beta sitosterol
Glyconutrients (also known as LBP polysaccharide)
Essential fatty acids
Vitamin C
B complex vitamins
Vitamin E
Eleven essential minerals and 21 trace minerals (including the rare mineral Germanium)

Most of us know about the role of oxidants (free radicals) in our generally decreasing level of wellness, as well as the epidemic of chronic conditions that tend to decrease not only lifespan but also “healthspan.”

With our cells are experiencing up to 10,000 free radical attacks every hour of every day, we need protection from the damage they cause. Infections, pollutants, and processed/fast food diets increase the potential for free radical damage.

Also, the ever increasing prevalence of pathogens (disease-producing organisms) that are resistant to all forms of conventional medical treatment makes supporting our immune systems essential.

Enter the Chinese Wolfberry …for 5000 years the people of the NingXia region of China (near Mongolia) have cultivated these berries which are botanically (Lycium barbarum) the fruit of a 3-5 foot shrub that is a member of the Solanaceae (the same family as tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant).

The abundance of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals found in NingXia berries have earned it the rating of “superfruit.” (A superfruit implies nutrient richness with medical research supporting the health benefits of high antioxidant concentration in combination with uncommon taste and eye appeal.)

I have two books that go into great detail about the NingXia wolfberry, but I will just mention some of the science that has made me a “believer.”

—NingXia berries have the highest known ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) score of any whole food. Being able to mop up free radicals before they damage cell membranes and DNA has the potential to protect the cardiovascular system along with the liver, kidneys and eyes. It is the brightly colored pigments (anthocyanins) in the berries that are the key to NR’s antioxidant power!

—Not only does NR contain a complete array of carotenoid pigments (Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Cryptoxanthin and Beta carotene), but it also has the highest amount of these protective pigments of all known foods. These are especially important for maintaining healthy retinas as we age along with maintaining normal pressure within the eye. (Zeaxanthin is the primary pigment in the macula of the human retina and is important to protecting vision against age related retinal disease)

—Wolfberries may slow the aging process by increasing Superoxide Dismutase and hemoglobin levels in those who regularly consume it based on epidemiological studies of the people living in the NingXia province.

—LBP (Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharide) plays a major role in rebuilding white blood cell counts in people who have had chemotherapy, as well as increasing the activity of natural killer cells and phagocytes and boosting the number and effectiveness of certain classes of T cells.

—Also present are significant amounts of amino acid Tyrosine which is needed for synthesis of dopamine (a neuro transmitter that regulates how you perceive and experience pleasure) –maybe why Goji berries are nicknamed “happy berries?”

—Polyphenolic flavonoids support cellular communication especially in the brain and nervous system

— “Lucy Libido” also wants to point out the presence of plenty of arginine which prompted an herbalist to comment, “Wolfberry can make a young wolf out of an old man.” (I’ll stop here…)

—NR contains significant amounts of Tri-valent Chromium, soluble fiber, magnesium as well as the amino acid taurine to help stabilize blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity.

—Wolfberries have the highest concentration of vitamin B1 (thiamine) of any food source and have been shown to help stabilize mood, improve memory and cognition and contribute to healthy sleep patterns.

—The ability of magnesium to alleviate head discomfort with vomiting and photosensitivity is well known and wolfberries are one of the richest sources of bioavailable magnesium currently known
—In addition to all the above, NR also contains a good amount of vitamin K which is increasingly known to support optimum bone mineralization, thyroid, function, and prevention of cholesterol deposits in the arteries
—Certain foods are known to contain dangerous toxins (peanuts, grilled meats, smoked meats etc.) Another substance found abundantly in NR is ellagic acid which is able to dramatically increase phase II detoxifying liver enzymes (especially Gluathione transferase) which are needed to allow detoxification of these food toxins. (Ellagic acid is also found in pomegranate juice)

—Speaking of pomegranates…the pomegranate juice in NR has the ability to combat DNA mutations, stop the growth of Candida in the gut, preserve the elasticity of healthy blood vessels and promote free flow of blood through the circulatory system.

—If wolfberry puree and pomegranate juice weren’t enough, YL has added blueberry juice to NR! Think increased longevity, red blood cell, heart, liver and brain protection from free radical damage. Also think of the role of quercetin in these berries to block histamine release.

—If you are familiar with  MSM, you know that the proper balance of minerals is essential to the proper metabolism of sulfur in the cells. NR has a perfect balance of minerals (Mg, Ca, P, K and assorted trace minerals.)

—NR is an excellent source of B vitamins which are well known for their role in energy production in the cell, and probably explains, at least in part, why many of us experience improved energy when enjoying NR daily.

—Finally, the addition of Citrus essential oils containing limonene and contributing their cellular protective benefits, provides yet another layer of benefit for drinking NingXia daily.(I can’t be more specific, but check out “limonene” on Scholar.google.com).

Trust me when I say that these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to NR.

Before I conclude this lengthy post, I would like to quote Rui Liu, PhD of Cornell University’s prestigious biochemistry department…

“The additive and synergistic effects of phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables are responsible for these potent antioxidant and anti-cancer activities, This explains why no single antioxidant can replace the combination of natural phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables to achieve the health benefits.”

Yes, there is significant science to back up recommending daily NingXia Red, but I love it because it makes me and my cells happy and, God willing, I will never miss a day of it again!

Don’t you think you owe it to your cells to invest in some NingXia Red?

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