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Scottsburg, IN

Professional, Mother, Wife- Taking Action One Drop At A Time!

A few drops on the back of my sons neck, changed the way I felt about essential oils! One year ago, I started using essential oils to help support my son with his homework. Homework was not the #1 priority for him after school, it was being outside working in the garage with dad, on the farm or playing sports. My aunt told me about a brand of essential oils called Young Living. I purchased my kit and bought cedarwood! After I seen what the oils did for my son, I began to use them for other areas in our life. Since I seen the support the oils gave my family, sharing them was a brainless activity for me. What can the oils do for you? Just ask, because I know there is a product to support you!

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If you would like to know more about my families oil adventure or how to learn more about the oils for your needs, please reach out to me!


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