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Hi! My name is Christina and I'm so glad you're here. Why? Because not that long ago I was probably in the same situation you're in right now: Searching for healthier options in life.

The good news? I found those options with Young Living, and my life and family haven't been the same since!

Whether you're on the hunt for natural ways to support your health to non-toxic ways to clean your home, I can promise you that Young Living products will change your world. Contact me with any questions. I love helping people get started with Young Living!

Wife, creative project lover, essential oil aficionado
Using Oils Since May 01, 2015
Jacksonville, NC Essential Oils Distributor
YL Member #: 12363792
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    Please use my info to contact me about Young Living!

    Christina Coulter

    Christina Coulter

    Lives in Jacksonville NC

    Member No. 12363792

    Hi, I'm Christina!

    My Young Living oily journey started at a time when I had no hope for the future. Trapped in a world of unreliable health, financial struggle, emotional turmoil, and self-harm, I was hurting myself more than I was helping myself to heal.
    It is my honest belief that the day I received my Premium Starter Kit was a turning point in my life. After 15 years of struggling with chronic illness and pain, I now have hope that my life can be more than a game of survival. I am healing every day. My emotions, my body, my pain… These things are all seen in a different light now. I no longer look at my life and see it getting worse forever. Instead, I see a bright future full of accomplishments, health, family, and freedom. Brighter days are ahead and so much of that is because of Young Living.

    Whatever you’re struggling with, be it your health, your emotions, your finances, or any number of other things, Young Living can change your life too.
    You can break up with your toxic medicine cabinet, chemical cleaners, and bathroom products that are harming your body. You can help to support yourself and your family financially, just by helping the people you meet live natural, healthy lives!
    You can spend more time at home, or more time traveling, without worrying about what your boss will say because you will be the boss!
    You can start to take control of your emotions and find balance. You will also become a part of an amazing company where you will find community, support, and an endless flow of information to help you on your journey.
    No matter where you are in life, there is hope.
    You can have a life full of Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance.
    It all starts with taking that first step towards change.
    What do you say, are you ready?

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      Please use my info to contact me about Young Living!

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