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Hi! My name is and I'm so glad you're here. Why? Because not that long ago I was probably in the same situation you're in right now: Searching for healthier options in life.

The good news? I found those options with Young Living, and my life and family haven't been the same since!

Whether you're on the hunt for natural ways to support your health to non-toxic ways to clean your home, I can promise you that Young Living products will change your world. Contact me with any questions. I love helping people get started with Young Living!

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    Hi, I'm !

    Thanks for joining me! I’m a fun-loving, busy biological, foster and adoptive mama of six little people. I love to use my oils to support all the many big emotions flying around my home. I first learned about oils when my friend talked about going chemical free in her home and I couldn’t wait to learn more about that and I loved them right from the start. I have learned so much about how to care for our body, mind, and emotions and it has changed our lives. Welcome to your journey!

    Stress Away™ essential oil blend is the first product to contain the unique combination of Lime essential oil and Vanilla extract. The distinct mix of Vanilla and Lime gives Stress Away essential oil blend its unique and pleasant aroma—among other benefits. Stress Away oil also includes Copaiba, which has a history of beneficial properties in topical application; Lavender, with its refreshing and calming scent; and Cedarwood, which features the powerful plant constituent cedrol. All of these ingredients are expertly blended with the exotic scent of Ocotea, a unique Ecuadorian-sourced essential oil. With a perfectly balanced aroma of both tropical and citrus notes, Stress Away essential oil blend is a uniquely relaxing oasis in a fast-paced world.

    This is my favorite oil is STRESS AWAY!


    Stress Away Essential Oil Uses

    • Diffuse it around your home after a long day for a fresh, soothing aroma.
    • Apply Stress Away oil to your wrists or back of neck while at work or school to enjoy its calming scent.
    • Add a few drops to a cotton ball and place it in the air vent of your car during long drives or during rush-hour traffic to create a calming environment.
    • Send kids to school on test day with Stress Away’s soothing aroma.
    • Apply it to your wrists to wear it as a pleasant perfume.


    Copaifera reticulata† (Copaiba), Citrus aurantifolia† (Lime), Cedrus atlantica† (Cedarwood), Vanilla planifolia† (Vanilla), Ocotea quixos† (Ocotea), Lavandula angustifolia† (Lavender)

    † 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil

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      Please use my info to contact me about Young Living!

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