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Who knew such wonderful products existed? I DIDN’T!!! Luckily, I came across Young Living oils after hearing about them from my primary care physician. Yes, that’s right! My doc told me about essential oils!!! Of course, I had no clue what she was talking about, but boy am I glad I found out! Sometimes I feel like “our” generation is lost to oils. I know I was before finding my way to Young Living. It was a real game changer for me and I realized that it’s NEVER too late to begin living a more healthy, natural life! Want to know more? I’d love to tell you…


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Thanks for sharing with me a better way to be healthy! Love my new "routine".

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Girl, I am loving my new oils! Thanks so much for sharing!

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What better surprise than to open up your mail and find exactly what you needed but weren't expecting! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

— Laura
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New Year - New Word

Posted by Barbara
January 12, 2019

I don’t know about you, but it seems like starting a new year is always a good time to make some changes… changes that REALLY need to be made! I’m not really into the new year’s resolution “thing” because my “resolve” is not always what it should be. Rather, I ponder for a while on something I’d really like to work on; maybe not “completely change” but at least left better than it was on Jan 1.

To do this, I try and solidify this “thing” with a word.

Last year, it was “intentional”. Being more intentional about kindnesses shown, help given, relationships made or grown deeper. It was a good word, and a good year. I may not have stayed on course every day, but for the most part… I was “intentional”.

This year, it took me 9 days to finally find the “word” that fit. And after all that thinking, I chose “water”. I know… sounds pretty drab. Water! But let me explain.

I’m a true ALABAMA girl; born and raised and so I can blame my roots on one of my sweetest addictions – SWEET TEA! I just love that stuff!

Well, after 53 years of sweet tea, I decided I might need to cut back (or quit) since I’m getting soooo “sweet” myself. Actually, a little too “sweet”; especially around the middle. You get my drift… I know you do! 🙂

So, water it is! I figure it’s something manageable. And if I slip up every now and then and order a sweet tea by mistake; well then, my hubby will be more than happy to oblige and take it off my hands! (He’s a bigger addict than me, but I’m not his mama and he’s a big boy. He can find his own word)!

So, there you go! I’m all set for 2019! One more change for the better and this girl is ready to go!

Hope you find yourself in a change for the better as well! Happy New Year!


Coming Home

Posted by Barbara
March 2, 2017

My husband and I were fortunate enough to recently move back to the small town we lived in for 20 years so that we could be near our children (and new granddaughter) again! There’s nothing like coming home!!! One of the greatest blessings is to be with those who really know you – who know your kids – who know your past – who “get” you. The feeling of a hug from a friend you haven’t seen in almost 7 years and happen to run into – the laughter – the “catching up”… Unbelievable Joy!

Wow!!! where did the time go? Especially when you see “kids” who now have kids of their own. Elderly friends who have “gone on” to be with the Lord; Others who are homebound and fighting health battles of their own.. and realizing I’m no spring chicken myself! I want to make the most of this journey in my life! I want to experience all that life and family and friends have to offer.

How? By being the best “me” I can be! A friend in a time of need, a shoulder to lean on, a laugh when eyes are sad and an encourager to those who need a “little push”. But to do that, I have to take care of ME! That’s where this Oily Lifestyle comes in. Using the best that our Creator has to offer, to be the healthiest I can be! Why wouldn’t we all want that? I mean, we are so blessed to have another day – another moment – why wouldn’t we want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest?

So, I shout to the world, I DO!


Posted by Barbara
March 19, 2016

The past couple of years I have been on a journey to become healthier, to live simpler and to enjoy being the BIG 50+! I’ve made several good changes – some easy…. some really hard! I’ve come to realize that life passes by faster each day and changes don’t come as easy as they once did or as fast as you’d like for them to.

My patience was wearing thin when I ran into a couple of ladies who shared Young Living with me. At first, I was really skeptical; mostly because I didn’t know anything at all about essential oils. I ordered the starter kit and played around with the oils a bit, but the more I read and the more I learned convinced me that this was something I wanted to do – for my health’s sake.

It’s been a little more than a year now and I really wish I could describe the difference using oils have made! No more seasonal meds, I was 2 weeks late getting my B-12 injection before I realized it (a BIG DEAL since I’ve had monthly injections for the past 14 years!), my thinking is clearer and I have more energy than forever ago (heck, I was even working with a coach at the gym!)

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are a LOT of young wives and mothers who are taking care of their families with essential oils – living healthier, more natural lifestyles…

while us “goldies” are taking more and more meds to get up, get around, and get to sleep. WE’VE MISSED THE BOAT! And I for one think it’s not too late to change!


An oily invite... honestly!

Posted by Barbara
March 7, 2016
NO! This is not a sales pitch! I just have to share a part of my new wellness journey because it’s important to me. Important because I wish at 20 or 25 I took better care of me, because there is still SO much more I want to do and enjoy! Cause like they say… getting old is for the birds! And by George, I’m gonna be around for those grandkids one day! 🙂
This all started about 2 years ago, not long after moving back to the good ol’ south! I’ve been an allergy sufferer for YEARS! Shots, pills, the works. When I moved away to KC, the symptoms dropped dramatically for some unknown reason – maybe because God knew I couldn’t handle THAT too! lol… but now back “home”, I started suffering again. My new primary care dr asked if I had ever heard of “oils”. ??? Uhm, no… so she started telling me about a friend that had amazing results using oils for herself and her asthmatic kids and how they had cut down on dr visits, meds, etc. Yes, the doc was telling me this… but ended with “don’t think I’m a voodoo dr or anything”. Really? So, when I got home I looked up “oils” online and saw a LOT of stuff, but it was all foreign to me. I asked a couple of people at work and nope, no help there either so I just put it aside and out of mind.
Fast forward to this past fall. I happened to run into the “oil lady” at a girls day out event here in town. I looked over the info and picked up a few bottles and looked them over and walked away. Still no idea because I didn’t even know what questions to ask!
A couple of weeks later I got an email invite to come to this “class” at a local restaurant to learn about oils. OK, I don’t know a soul, can’t even remember the lady’s name… but I was intrigued and determined, so I accepted. OMG! I had no idea. This was not just about helping my allergies. This was a health conscious, life-changing journey that I WANTED to be on. And I jumped in with both feet! The past few months have been amazing. I’m learning to live a better healthier lifestyle and the oils are a natural help. My allergies are under control with no meds except a saline spray now and then. My “no-energy” energy has increased and now I’m not even counting down the days to my next B12 injection. My stomach feels better and my mind is clearer. Because, there’s an oil for that! 🙂
It’s kind of a joke at my house now, but everyone knows how serious it is too. My husband and kids can vouch for them too and if nothing else, life is sweeter! Heck, I’m even going to the gym now! I WANT to do this. So… if I get excited and share how great this oil or that oil is, just know… I really am excited! Excited because this wellness journey is working and life is oh, so sweet! And it can be for you too!!!!
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