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Hi! My name is Angela and I am a life and wellness coach who loves essential oils! My job is to help people create the best possible life for themselves and I feel that Young Living helps me to do this. Check out my blog below for more information on coaching!

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In just a couple of short months, Angela has helped me to be more positive, greatly reduce my stress, and make my health and myself a priority!

— Victoria Swanson

I am so grateful for Angela's insights! She has encouraged me to be much more accountable for my actions and to really stretch myself into the person I know I was meant to be.

— Nicole Chavez
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Bachelor of Psychology
Life and Wellness Coach
Using oils since November 01, 2017
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What is a Coach Anyway?

Posted by Angela
January 9, 2018

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what a life and wellness coach actually does! My job is essentially to help you accomplish your goals, whatever those may be. I want you to become the best possible version of yourself, whether that means losing weight, feeling better about yourself, or just getting “unstuck” from where you are.

I specialize in the emotional aspect of health. I do have a degree in psychology and use this to help you work through areas in which you are not operating at your fullest potential. It is so important to balance your life and to make yourself a priority! Together we can uncover what has been stopping you from having the life you want; develop a powerful vision for what you want your life to look and feel like; and get crystal clear on a step by step plan to get you there! NOW is the time to identify your authentic self and start achieving those goals with courage and passion!

Abundance and Gratitude

Posted by Angela
January 27, 2018

I am all about creating abundance in my life! One way I do this is with gratitude. Gratitude has been shown to increase physical and psychological health, create better sleep, boost feelings of satisfaction, and increase your mental strength and resilience. Check out my Facebook page if you’re interested in cultivating gratitude in your life, as I will be doing a free challenge surrounding this topic in February.

In the meantime, here are a few tips . . . Start a gratitude journal. Each day, list 2-3 people or things that you are grateful for. Make a goal of giving out genuine compliments each day. Do something thoughtful for someone else. Bonus points if you don’t know this person! Say the following mantra out loud, “I appreciate the abundance in my life and I allow myself to expand in gratitude, enjoyment, and success every day.”

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