Alyson Oler

Vancouver, WA

Dog lover and essential oil enthusiast

Essential Oils, Dogs, Grandchildren, Life.

Who knew just a few years ago I would be so involved with oils and showing dogs?  I was introduced to Young Living about 4 years ago while looking for alternatives for myself and my rescue dog.  I was looking for better ways to support my health and help out my dog who had some chronic problems from either damage or poor genetics.  Who knew essential oils would be the answer for both?  I sure didn’t back then.  I am now totally immersed in dogs and oils and a more natural way of living with fewer chemicals.  I’ve come through a cancer diagnosis, 5 years cancer free.  I’ve really changed how I care for my dogs and myself and I have a great big loving group of friends who share my interests.  I can say my life is better than it’s been in a long time.

I get to spend time with my grandchildren and love knowing that I was able to help make their lives more chemical free.  Changing my family tree and improving the wellness of all of my loved ones.


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Young Living Senior Star
Completed Young Living's Beauty School
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Attended the School of Hard Knocks
Christian, Mom, Animal Lover, raw feeder, FitPaws, Australian Cattle Dog owner, essential oils believer and bookkeeping for small businesses.
Using oils since March 01, 2016
Vancouver, WA essential oils
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