Welcome to the “First Time Enroller” Scavenger hunt!

You’re receiving this package because you enrolled your VERY FIRST MEMBER in YL.

Congratulations! This means you’re sharing about the gift of Young Living with others. Thrilled for you. Their world is about to be rocked. So you, my friend, are a world changer!

***How this Virtual Scavenger Hunt Works***

We want you to be equipped to continue to share. And we don’t want you to miss out on all the great perks that come with sharing, like earning bonuses, commissions, freebies, retreats down the road, etc.

This Scavenger Hunt is designed to set YOU up for success, and help answer any questions that you may have along the way. To help make your life easier, we’ve put together a packet that will hopefully answer all of your questions, plus some. It’ll be a great reference too.

Either way, we hope you have fun with this and that you learn a lot!!

Throughout this Scavenger hunt, you’ll collect “alphabetical letters.” When you collect each letter, it’ll form a keyword. When you’re done reading through each of the files, e-mail [email protected] with the following: 1) the keyword you discovered and, 2) one valuable thing you learned from the scavenger hunt. From there we’ll send you a FREE gift (more details at the end)!

***Earning Your Paycheck***

Did you know that every time you enroll a new member with a Premium Starter Kit, you are eligible to receive $50? That is a check mailed or direct deposited directly to YOU. All you need to do to get your $50 check is place a qualifying order (spend 50PV in the same calendar month that you enrolled that member). NOTE: Checks are typically mailed out around the 20th of the following month. When you check out, make sure you have the minimum PV amount!

When people begin to share the gift of YL with others, and start enrolling their own friends, you are eligible for even MORE commission. The very most one needs to spend in order to receive maximum payout is 100PV (about $100). If you need more clarification on the PV amount needed to spend in order to earn commission each month, join our Oily Gurus Biz (business group). If you’re not on Facebook and want further clarification on earning commissions, you can look in your Virtual Office.

***Online Community Support***

The Young Living website and our team’s website – oilygurus.com – is everything you need and more to get started right. When you go to the website, click on Dashboard and log in with your YL Member ID and your YL password. You’ll see the website has multiple sections. It is geared for sharing about YL. NOTE: If you’re new to using oils, and don’t have a product resource yet, you’ll want to go to discoverLSP.com and order an Essential Oils Desk Reference (lists uses for all products) or the smaller Essential Oils Pocket Reference (lists uses for oils only).

If you are new to sharing Young Living, click on the “Getting Started” tab, and ENJOY learning!

As a member in our YL team, you’re welcome to join our “Oily Gurus Worldwide” (product focused) and “Oily Gurus Biz” (sharing focused) groups on Facebook if you’re not already in them. There are several groups you have access to and they’re full of information on how to share Young Living and even build a business if you’d like. The Oily Gurus Biz group is full of tips and tools for sharing and it’s a wonderful resource just for you!

Once you join these private groups, learn from others (there are so many ways to do this and you want to do it YOUR way)! Also, check out the many classes (albums) and photos. If you have specific business-related questions, you can use the “keyword search engine” in the group to see if there is already a post covering that topic.

We all work together as one big family to serve one another. I love and admire and respect our oily community, and we are so thankful that you’re a part of it!

Also, be sure to set up your PV Asssist, to make sure you never lose out on commission or lose Essential Reward points!

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