If you love your oils, share your oils! If you love what Young Living represents, share the Foundation. If you love that your home is full of plant-based products that make your home smell amazing, share that! If you love that YL has oil-infused supplements, share a testimony about them. If you love that you can stay at home and earn a paycheck sharing something you believe in, share that.

Sharing is actually easy!! However, when it comes to sharing intentionally and actively, there are definitely some resources available to us that make sharing even easier.

How to Teach About the Premium Starter Kit

I know one of the biggest hold ups for me sharing was that I didn’t feel like I knew enough to do so. Truth is, I was wrong. As I used my oils and experienced my starter kit, I had quite a few stories and testimonies to share. I was doing my friends and family an injustice by keeping that goodness all to myself.


Did you know people can order with PayPal? This is just another option YL offers, to help keep it simple. Here’s a graphic you can share if someone wants to order using this option:

Are You Ready?

It’s time for the next letter in the hunt! Drummer role…

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