Here are PSK flyers ready for you to share!

Along with a few of our favorite tools for sharing Wellness, Purpose & Abundance with others!

Don’t be overwhelmed!

Simply choose something and try it as you’re able.

Pace yourself.

I gobbled up everything I could, but you may want to grow more slowly. Either way is okay!!

1. Young Living Product Guide – this is a great tool for sharing check it out HERE. Young Living has a really wonderful educational FB page you can follow HERE!

2. Propel is an amazing one-stop shop book that will absolutely help you launch!! WE have a group you can join too, to walk through it with you! Click HERE!

3. Gameplan CD/DVD – This is an amazing sharing tool for introducing people to the Young Living Lifestyle. This resource includes information about the Starter Kit as well as A Chemical Free Home. The “Mini Gameplan” books are an excellent resource for sharing the business side of Young Living and only cost $1 each to send to someone!

4. Oily Gurus Worldwide is our exclusive team product group – ask your enroller to add you if you’re not in one already and/or want to join another! This is the product group I post in almost daily! (It’s a exclusive group so the link won’t work until you’re a member.)

5. Oily Gurus Biz is our overall business group – ask your enroller to add you if you’d like to learn from thousands of other leaders. That’s the business group I focus on! (It’s a exclusive group so the link won’t work until you’re a member.)

6. Daily Text Messages – Sandi + Kyler send out a text, Monday through Friday, with business tips! Subscribe here if you want some extra love via text! 🙂

7. Young Living’s Flickr Account – use this to find free images for downloading, sharing & printing.

8. Oil Revolution Designs – Would you like to have personalized graphics to share on social media in your online classes? If so, then Oil Revolution Designs is a perfect fit for you. Get monthly graphics customized for you with your member # and contact information so sharing is easy! ORD even offers customized online classes as well! Best part is this service is only $5 per month. Be sure to check out their “Launch Kit.” I LOVE that kit. You want it!

9. Life Science Publishing – FAVE place for books, brochures & other sharing tools!

11. Growing Healthy Homes – more Young Living books for specific topics

Websites for printing your own materials/business cards:


And it seems like I’m forgetting something… Oh right! “E” is your next letter!

Sandi + Kyler Boudreau