The Young Living Farms

The Young Living Farms

We live in a world of mass produced, centrally sourced products where companies you’ve never heard of are supplying to many of the brands we trust. So the unavoidable question is “why do we trust our favorite brands?” What makes us walk into the local store, grab something off the shelf, and with certainty use it on or around our families?

A few stores such as the Whole Foods Market® source from local farmers — That’s an excellent start, but it’s still a far shot from the Young Living Seed to Seal™ guarantee. This guarantee wouldn’t be what it is without the Young Living farms.

Tree Farm Planting Season

A Global Farm Presence

The fact that they own and operate their own global farms commands respect. Every step of the process is controlled: Seed selection, planting, cultivation, harvest and distillation. No other company does this like Young Living. D. Gary Young searches the globe (literally) for the right land to raise pristine crops.

Currently, Young Living has private farms located in the following areas:

To read more about each farms and view pictures and videos, check out our Young Living Global Farms page.

Unique Farm Achievements

Part of Young Living’s commitment to quality means doing things no American company has done before. For example, they are the first and only company allowed to distill and export sacred frankincense from Oman! They’re also the only American company who owns a lavender farm in France, and the only company cultivating helichrsyum in Croatia. These are just a few of the facts that separate Young Living farms from the rest.

Superior Knowledge

Farms free of chemicals and pesticides, with unadulterated seeds is just step one. If the entire Seed to Seal process isn’t handled correctly, down to the smallest detail, the ending product will not qualify for Young Living’s therapeutic grade rating. To verify this, Young Living has the oldest essential oil lab in the country. Read more on our Can You Trust Young Living post.


Did you know anyone can schedule a visit to a farm? In fact, many Oily Gurus have personally visited various farms, and have listened to chemists first hand, and have participated in plantings and even harvests! We challenge you to find any other essential oil company that allows this! I personally have visited the Mona, Utah and St. Maries, Idaho farms with my wife and daughter.

Before you trust a company with any aspect of your life, do your research. Don’t take any single person’s word for it – we didn’t. And if you have any specific questions, please let us know and we’ll be happy to track down the answers. Thanks for reading the Oily Gurus blog!

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