Darren Waldo

Bowling Green, KY

My friends know me as "That Oily Guy..."

My wife Sara roped me into essential oils a couple of years ago.  It was her thing and I just stayed out of her way.  If she felt I needed some extra “support” for my health and wellness she’d rub oils all over me.  And they worked. So I started using some on my own.  She went off to Salt Lake City for the Young Living International Grand Convention and I was jealous! I started studying up on the oils and then a guy named Max (Hopkins) came to Bowling Green to speak to a group of guys about men’s health and wellness using Young Living.  I was hooked! I attended Men’s Advance in Nashville and heard from some incredible men like Scott Schuler,  Verick Burchfield, Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton, and many others.  I learned a lot about the oils, but I learned even more about the people of Young Living and what the company stands for.  I’ve become “that” guy at work that everyone comes to when they need some oils! I’d love to introduce you to Young Living and their 600+ health and wellness products.

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B.S. Physical Education K-12, M.S. Sports Management, E.S.L. Endorsement
English as a Second Language Teacher
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