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Fort Wayne, IN

Care for yourself with our greatest gift, Mother Nature.

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I’m Tessa Lemire, originally from the Central Valley of California, now a licensed Esthetician located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have loving family and friends spread from coast to coast, a wonderful boyfriend (Cody!), and a herd; three cats and a full of attitude Husky! Growing up, Esthetics was NOT what I ever thought I’d be doing as a career (and LOVING it, btw!). I wanted to be a lawyer, a detective handling sensitive cases, or a psychiatric therapist. None of those are close to what I do now, but one thing is constant for all of them, HELPING PEOPLE. I’ve always wanted to help people!

In the treatment room, I get to help clients de-stress, nurture their skin, and educate them on what they can do for themselves outside of the spa! The best part, using products made from mother nature! All natural products are the BEST for treating your skin while not blocking important bodily functions with lab made ingredients! Essential oils are a constant must have in my treatment room! I was taught their significance while studying for my license, during that time I was introduced to Young Living by my boyfriend’s mother. Make a long story short, between my own personal experiences and what YL as a company stands for, I was sold! Every waxing client of mine gets lavender applied at the end of the services, it’s always helped reduce the redness caused by inflammation and they love the smell!

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