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Working in high-tech startups helped me develop very bad habits, and I’m finally paying attention to my body and supporting my immune system with many health benefits. I’m a step-mom, I work full time, but I most enjoy helping my family and friends become chemical-free. Improving my emotional well-being brings me closer to pursue all that God has created me to be!

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Living better with oils

Blended family stress

Can crying be healing?

Posted by Tamara
April 15, 2016

I’m finally getting on a program of taking my supplements- EO infused, providing great absorption. I’m finding that my emotions are unblocked, and I’m able to think more rationally, and not resort to rage and anger. Since having my uterus removed in 2004, I’ve suffered insomnia and anxiousness to mention a few symptoms. I’d love to meet with you to let you know what is working for me.

Put your oxygen mask on Ladies!

Posted by Tamara
May 22, 2016

Oxygen mask? Well, as a figure of speech. You know how us ladies take care of everyone, then we fall apart. I’ve been doing that routinely, and after my uterus was removed, I’ve been going down the path of low energy, frustration, anger and such. Now I’m lucky to have a friend to introduce me to Young Living essential oils, 100% pure with no synthetics. Ever since living in the Northwest (Seattle area) in 1993, I knew essential oils were magical, but lately, there are so many options, I was confused, and so kept putting it off. YL oils are not the same as the ones in the grocery store. Even if you purchase from Amazon, you are not assured of getting the real deal, you can Only get them from YL factory (through a distributor like myself). I’d love to help, just contact me here. Blessings

I am a Sugar Freak

Posted by Tamara
June 4, 2016

It’s my mom’s fault! It’s my Norwegian heritage, alas, baking and bakeries are my Downfall! Anybody relate? I know that I need to quit, but I have always indulged and over-indulged in sugar. Love Love LOVE IT! My husband laughs when I tell him I’m quitting, but I really need to persevere…

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